16th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival – Awards 2020

cinemalaya2016We present the list of winners of the 16th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival which is taking place online (via Vimeo) from August 7th – 16th (2020).

About the Festival:
The Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival’s aim of the festival is to develop and promote independent films. Each year the festival provides funding for ten films presented during the festival. The Gawad Alternatibo also takes place during the festival, this competition celebrates short independent films from across the Philippines.

Best Film & NETPAC Jury Prize


Tokwifi by Carla Pulido Ocampo – Philippines | 2020 – 20 minutes

Cast: Adrienne Vergara, Kurt “Ayeo-eo” Lumbag Alalag
A 1950s mestiza star, trapped inside a television that fell from the sky – dreams up a romantic romp with a Bontok Igorot man who does not know how to kiss. (Cinemalaya 2020)






Best Director

Living Things

Martika Ramirez Escobar by Living Things – Philippines | 2020 – 12 minutes

Cast: Kints Kintana, Charles Aaron Salazar
Kints wakes up and discovers that her decade-long lover Charles has turned into a cardboard standee of himself. (Cinemalaya 2020)






Special Jury Prize

Ang Pagpakalma sa unos

Ang Pagpakalma sa unos by Joanne Vasquez Arong – Philippines | 2020 – 19 minutes

To Calm the Pig Inside is a contemplation on the effects a typhoon leaves on a seaside city. Myths are woven in to try to understand how people cope with the devastation and trauma. A girl’s voice divulges bits and pieces of her own memory of her grandmother and mother to tie in the experiences she felt visiting this ravaged port city. (Cinemalaya 2020)





Best Screenplay

Pabasa Kan Pasyon

Pabasa Kan Pasyon by Hubert Tibi – Philippines | 2020 – 15 minutes

Cast: Buboy Aguay Jr., Isabel Pedrasa Bogoc, Rosalinda Brongos Marife, Nolasco Charise Relayo, Jhon Paul Laban, Jhosua Laban, Augost Borella Jr.
Religion and economy take center stage in a Bicolano family’s story, set during the Lenten season. To make ends meet, one of them turns to religion, and pushes his mother to make a living off her faith. (Cinemalaya 2020)





Audience Choice

Quing Lalam Ning Aldo

Quing Lalam Ning Aldo by Reeden Fajardo – Philippines | 2020 – 12 minutes

A transgender sampaguita farmer decided to renovate their neglected kitchen as soon as she heard that her son is going home. (Cinemalaya 2020)



To watch the winners and other films from the Cinemalaya please follow the next link:

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