Call for Entry

10th Tokyo Docs 2020 – Call for Projects

TokyoDocs2018The International Documentary Forum “TokyoDocs” is accepting documentary projects in Pre-Production stage, until July 31st, 2020. Here you can find more information about their Call for Project. *Only for Asian Filmmakers or Docs focused on Asian countries*

About TokyoDocs:
Tokyo Docs gave its first launch in 2011 as an international co-production forum that introduces exceptional documentary projects to the world. Tokyo Docs 2020 will be its 10th conference. It is now widely known among filmmakers in Japan as well as international documentary professionals and enjoys heightening recognition as an event that attracts high-quality project proposals.

Scope of Entries:
– Tokyo Docs is seeking proposals for documentaries aiming for international development including international co-production.
– As a basic rule, projects should be proposed at the pre-production stage.
– It is also possible to submit proposals that either combine new material with footage that has already been broadcast domestically in the producer’s own country or that rework such films.
– Valid topics include current affairs, social issues, history, natural science, and travel. However, travel films for the purpose of tourism promotion are not accepted.
– Entries of one-off films or series are accepted.

– Documentary filmmakers must live in Japan or other parts of Asia. Or filmmakers must submit projects proposals related to Japan or other parts of Asia (regardless of place of residence).
– Proposals submitted by individuals should be accompanied by a list of previous works.
– Filmmakers working for broadcasting companies should, as a general rule, apply in collaboration with a production company.
Application Method:
– Fill out the online application and submit it with the required photographic data: APPLICATION FORM
– Points to note when filling out the application form: Character counts for logline, synopsis, project description, and director/producer profiles include spaces and punctuation. Photographic data (two photographs related to the film, one portrait photograph
each of the director and producer) should be JPEG files of 200 KB to 6 MB in size.
– Fill out the application form in Japanese, English, or both Japanese and English.
– Entries lacking any of the required information, entries exceeding the character counts, and entries without the required photographic data will not be accepted.
– Enter the names of people, places, films, and award-winning works, and other proper nouns in English in the Inquires section at the bottom of the online application form.

Selection Criteria:
– A high-quality documentary that deserves international distribution
– A project appropriate for international co-production.

Deadline: Friday, July 31st, 2020 – Midnight 24:00 pm Japan Time

Notification Date: Late August 2020

Fees: No charge for entry and registration fees. For Japanese residents in Japan, please check the application form on the Japanese website

Number of projects to be selected: 12 projects by residents in Japan, 4 projects by residents outside japan, and 10 projects not selected for pitching but included in the catalogue.

To read more about the Rules & Regulations and download the Entry Form please follow the next link:

We remind readers that the 10th Tokyo Docs will take place as a hybrid event (online & onsite) from November 3rd – 6th, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.

To see other Call for Entries/Projects please go to our section “Call for Entries”.

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