66th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen – Asian Presence

oberhausenasian2020We present the list of Asian films that will be screened at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (Germany) which is taking place Online from May 13th – 19th, 2020. You can buy your festival pass for $ 9,99 euros. Do not miss it!!

Due to the Pandemic of Covid19, the organizers of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen decided to hold the festival online. Over 350 films will be shown online from May 13th to 19th. You can purchase a festival pass for 9,99 Euros HERE . You can also read the catalogue for this year HERE – The Line up / Schedule is available HERE.

This year the festival will screen 18 Asian films (+ co-productions), 10 at the International Competition, 7 at the Children’s and Youth Film Competition, and 1 at the NRW Competition.

List of Asian films:

International Competition
Bittersweet by Sohrab Hura – India | 2019 – 14 min.
Sohrab Hura focuses on intimate family life, particularly the relationship between his mother, who was diagnosed with acute paranoid schizophrenia, and her dog, Elsa. What began as a way to escape his family situation turned into a method of confronting the realities at home. Photographed and filmed over a period of ten years, it is a search for meaning and closure, with Hura questioning and discovering the banalities of everyday life at home.

Camera Trap by Chris Chan Fui Chong – Malaysia | 2019 – 10 min.
A comparative work using moving images a hundred years apart. The first half of the work looks at Muybridge as both an animal and a landscape photographer; the second half works with current camera traps set in the Borneo rainforests. A visual and aural comparison. The domesticated vs the wild. Staged vs remote capture. Caged sounds vs field recordings

Chinbin Western, Kazoku no Hyosho (Chinbin Western, Representation of the family) by Chikako Yamashiro – Japan | 2019 – 32 min.
A story centres around two families in Henoko, Nago city in Okinawa, Japan, where plans for construction of a new US military base are on – going, yet unsettled and in an unstable stage. The complicated feelings of two families in the area are depicted. A must-see is a duet of Opera and Ryuka (traditional Okinawan song) singing.

Escape Velocity by Jon Lazam – Philippines | 2019 – 2 min.
A man rises. Leaves. He looks back at himself, then disappears to the

I Am the People_I by Li Xiaofei – China | 2019 – 25 min.
Within this community, where life goes on as usual, through these ordinary, common and sincere individual experiences and phases of life, how can we build a society of the self, to examine the current singular and enduring modes of thinking? How to influence the space of people’s existence and communication in a long-term way within the sociopolitical and economic structures?

Không đề #2 (untitled #2) by Nguyen Anh Tu Pham – Vietnam, Taiwan | 2019 – 3 min.
A series of moving images taken from observing dreams, subconsciousness, thoughts, emotions and personal memories. Nguyen Anh Tú Pham is an experimental video artist. His work focuses on themes of queer identity and fantasy, depicting scenes of playful reverie and inner dialogue translated to film. ‘untitled #2’ is his debut film.

Latency/ Contemplation 6 by Seoungho Cho – South Korea, USA | 2020 – 7 min.
Square Arts in New York. Er lebt und arbeitet in New York. My ongoing questioning of the oscillations between my internal visions and the outer world comes with its own intrinsic intuition and metamorphoses my perceptions. In this way, my work reveals how all personal, inner experiences, both illusionary and tactile, shift and transform in engagement with this outer world.

Phoenix by Su Zhong – China | 2020 – 8 min.
It‘s a one-shot film about love and death.

We still have to close our eyes by John Torres – Philippines | 2019 – 13 min.
A collage of scenes in the periphery of film sets and locations in Manila made to look like a fictional piece, a gift to a baby named Aki Tala who will grow and watch her father’s work for the first time.

Yumemi banani utsutsu (Dreaming Away) by Yuta Masuda – Japan | 2019 – 10 min.
Self-documentary animation based on the experience of climbing Mount Fuji.

Children’s and Youth Film Competition
Boriya by Min Sung Ah – France, South Korea | 2019 – 18 min.
Bori, a 7-year-old girl, is bored at the daily routine in the countryside.
Everyone is busy except her because it‘s busy farming season. She is
looking for someone to play with, but life is not what she thought it
would be.

Front Door by Ye-jin Lee – South Korea | 2019 – 3 min.
A small puppy among people. The dog reacts to everything, but no one is interested in it.

I’m Not Your F***ing Stereotype by Hesome Chemamah – Thailand | 2019 – 29 min.
As a Muslim girl from Southern Thailand, Maryam falls prey to racism in school. She begins spiralling into an identity crisis, and starts resenting her name, religion and birthdate.

Junu Ko Jutta by Kedar Shrestha – Nepal | 2019 – 13 min.
Junu, a 5 year old girl who has trouble learning left from right, is constantly asked by elders around her to wear her shoes correctly. Yet she cannot solve the problem. After being tricked into wearing her shoes the wrong way, she invents a new way of learning

Nan Fang Shao Nv (She Runs) by Qiu Yang – France, China | 2019 – 20 min.
In an ordinary Chinese winter, a small city junior high student, Yu, tries to quit her school aerobic dancing team.

The Smell of Coffee by Nishok Nishok – Singapore | 2019 – 12 min.
Raga, a young boy, accompanies his grieving grandmother in the wake of his grandfather’s passing. Perplexed by his absence, Raga innocently yearns for his return. A faint yet familiar sense piques his curiosity, leading him on a journey of self-discovery in the fading apartment.

Wan Ru Yan Huo (Like Fireworks) by Ting-wei Chang – Taiwan | 2019 – 15 min.
Cram school, concerts, capsule machines, arcades – Ning and Rou, the both of us, now and the future, a decade from now. The sound of fireworks – just like fireworks.

NRW Competition
Them People by Nausheen Javed – Germany, India | 2020 – 6 min.
A small child raised to conform to the expectations of society, is unable to differentiate between love, hate and fear. ‘Them People’ is a short animation film, inspired by a self-composed poem that speaks about the growing intolerance towards ‘the other’ and the compulsion to define one’s own identity

For more information about the festival you can visit Don’t forget to follow the festival on Facebook @kurzfilmtage and on Twitter @kurzfilmtage

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