5th Trifecta Film Fest – Lineup 2020

TrifectaFilmFestival2020We present the lineup for the 5th Trifecta Film Fest which will run from February 20th until 22nd at the Natividad Fajardo Auditorium, 18th floor, Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall, De La Salle University, Taft. Ave, Malate (Manila, Philippines). This is your opportunity to watch three multi awarded films (Edward, LSS & Gusto Kita With All My Hypothalamus).

Organized by the DLSU Green Media Group, the Trifecta Film Fest  aims to promote and support the Philippine film Industry through highlighting and showcasing three of today’s best films. This year the festival will screen “Edward” by Thop Nazareno (February 20), “LSS” by Jade Castro (February 21), and “Gusto Kita with All My Hypothalamus” by Dwein Baltazar (February 22). Each screening will also feature a short film directed by talented student filmmakers, “WA, NAN” by Marie Tayag (Feb. 20th) and “Handa” by Raphael Banico (Feb. 21st).

The Auditorium opens at 5:30 pm (local time) and tickets are priced at Php 200 per screening, but you can buy a pass for the three days for PHP 580. You can purchased by contacting Chesca Valencia at 0905 360 5237 or visiting the Facebook page, Ticket reservations for outsiders may be done through

1st Day – February 20th, 2020


Edward by Thop Nazareno – Philippines | 2019 – 82 minutes

Cast: Louise Abuel, Ella Cruz, Dido de la Paz, Elijah Canlas, Manuel Chua.
A public hospital serves as a witness to a young boy’s rite of passage when he is stuck to take care of his ailing father. Caught in a place where life itself is in limbo, the boy treats the hospital grounds as his playground, not knowing that it will be his source of liberation in the end.



WA, NAN by Marie Tayag – Philippines | 2019 – Short Film
Scriptwriter / Editor: Eliza Santos
Director of Photography: Danette Orlido
Music: Martsa ni Martha by Marie Salvaleon
Cast: Nathan Molina, Felipe Martinez, Anton Nolasco, Paolo Jose

“Wa,Nan” tells the story between a 59-year old former beauty queen, Esmeralda and 20-year old aspiring beauty queen, Alex. Together, they exchange stories about their past and dreams in one spontaneous road trip.




2nd Day – February 21st, 2020


LSS by Jade Castro – Philippines | 2019 – 104 minutes

Cast: Khalil Ramos, Gabbi Garcia, Tuesday Vargas, Elijah Canlas, and indie folk-pop band Ben&Ben.
Sara and Zak, an aspiring musician and a yearning son find themselves in a series of almost-but-not-quite romantic encounters as they follow an upcoming indie-folk band. The two are struggling dreamers in their 20s who discover what it means to grow up as they experience the joy and pain of love and loss accompanied by the music of Ben & Ben.



Handa by Raphael Banico – Philippines | 2019 – Short Film

Handa is a story about a nine-year-old girl noticing a blood stain on her backside because of an old community legend.



3rd Day – February 22nd, 2020


Gusto Kita With All My Hypothalamus by Dwein Baltazar
Philippines | 2018 – 105 min.

Scientifically, they say that the heart doesn’t recognise love or any other emotional activity but it’s rather the hypothalamus, a small part of the brain, perhaps just as small as Avenida Rizal, a major thoroughfare in the centre of Manila where the fate of four men intertwine. Each of them longing for a mysterious girl named Aileen. (Cinemalaya Catalogue 2018)





Blackout by Bianca Trinidad – Philippines | 2019 – Short Film

Blackout is a psychological drama film that follows the story of an eccentric theater actor who performs a one-man show in the hopes of overcoming his misery.

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