5 Films you cannot miss at the 8th Korean Film Festival Frankfurt – Project K

kproject2019We present a list of five films you shouldn’t miss at the 8th Korean Film Festival Frankfurt – Project K which will take place from October 24th – 27th, in Frankfurt, Germany.

Selected Films:

Another Child

Another Child by Kim Yoon-seok – Korea | 2019 – 96 minutes

Another Child tells the story of two high school girls and their families, who are at the verge of breaking apart. 17-year-old Joo-ri (KIM Hye-jun) discovers that her father (KIM Yun-seok) is having an affair with a restaurant owner (KIM So-jin) who happens to be the mother of her classmate Yoon-ah (PARK So-jin). Even worse, it turns out Yoon-ah’s mother is expecting. Afraid that her family might be torn apart, Joo-ri keeps quiet about her father’s infidelity. However, sooner or later her mother (YUM Jung-ah) finds out and things start to spiral out of control for all the people involved.

October 26th (Saturday) | Cinestar Metropolis | 17:00 pm


House of Hummingbird

The House of Hummingbird by Kim Bo-ra – Korea | 2019 – 138 minutes

Set in 1994 and partly inspired by the director’s own life, House of Hummingbird follows the life of Eun-hee (PARK Ji-hu), a 14-year-old girl from Seoul drifting through life, feeling out of place no matter where she goes. Her parents are constantly fighting. Her older brother beats her. School feels like a waste of time. She quarrels with her best friend and experiences the first flush of romance. One day, Eun-hee meets Young-ji (KIM Sae-byuk), the new tutor at her cram school, through whom Eun-hee’s world would slowly start to shift.

October 27th (Sunday) | Cinestar Metropolis | 20:00 pm


The House of Us

The House of Us by Yoon Ga-eun – Korea | 2019 – 92 minutes

During her fifth-grade summer break, Hana (KIM Na-yeon) wants nothing more than to go on a trip with her family, hoping it would reunite her warring parents. At the same time, she meets a couple of younger girls, Yoo-mi (KIM Si-ah) and Yoo-jin (JOO Ye-rim), staying with their uncle. The three of them quickly become friends and go on their own little adventures. As they confer with each other over their troubled family life, they decide to take a risk to protect their precious homes.

October 25th (Friday) | Cinestar Metropolis | 17:00 pm



Mother by Bong Joon-ho – Korea | 2009 – 128 Minutes

Widowed for a long time, a mother (KIM Hye-ja) lives alone with her only son – Do-joon (WON Bin), a grown man with the mind of a child – in a provincial backwater. In the aftermath of a terrible murder, Do-joon becomes the prime suspect. There is no real evidence against him, but the police are eager to close the case and arrest the son after a cursory investigation. The hired defense attorney turns out to be incompetent and unreliable. Determined, his mother sets out to prove her son’s innocence by herself.

October 25th (Friday) | Cinestar Metropolis | 22:30 pm



Parasite by Bong Joon-ho – Korea | 2019 – 110 minutes

Tough gang boss Dong-soo (Don LEE) is attacked by a vicious serial killer who is terrorizing his surroundings When he becomes the first person to survive such an attack, he teams up, against his will, with the cop Tae-suk (KIM Mu-yeol), who despises Dong-soo’s moral code but will do anything to apprehend the violent killer, known only as K (KIM Sung-kyu).

October 24th (Thursday) | Cinestar Metropolis | 19:00 pm


For more information about the programme please visit the official website of the festival: Korean Film Festival Frankfurt

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