7th Nabunturan Independent Film Exhibition NABIFILMEX – Awards 2019


We present the list of winners of the 7th Nabunturan Independent Film Exhibition (Philippines) which took place from September 26th – 29th, 2019 in Nabunturan, Compostela Valley.

Best Film (Gimadyawan Award)
Best Actress (Juvy Ann Clarito)
Best Cinematography (Kent Xerus Labrador)


Pikpik by Xytel Freya Lopez – Nabunturan

Myla is a teenage girl living with her 60-year-old Mom. At 16, she got pregnant. Now, she struggling to live a simple life as a normal teenager or accept her fate of becoming a young mother.



Jury Prize

Naro 626

Naro 626 by Rena Mae Gocotano – Lapu-Lapu

One night, Nelson was walking home while he noticed something strange in the dark. That night, he never knew he would see a creature that would join him in this chaotic world.



Best Comval Film


Tabon by Natasha Demavibas – Nabunturan

Arjay is a breadwinner of his family and works hard to gain money because he has a big desire to pursue studying with the hope to raise their quality of living.



Best Director
Best Actor (Marcus Belisario)
Best Editing (Bab Baldoza & Vanette Mendoza)

Kontrolado ni girly

Kontrolado ni girly and buhay niya by Gilb Baldoza– San Mateo (Rizal)

Gay teenager Girly looks for a job in a world he is unaware of.



Special Citation for Animation


Luminous by Carl Venzon Zaragga – Zamboanga City

A solar powered toy who wants to go to the light finds himself in a dangerous path.



Special Citation for Documentary


Budots: The Craze by Jay Rosas & Marc Limbaga – Davao City

“Budots” has swept the entire nation by storm. The dance craze that has people move around in uncoordinated, freestyle dance to a weird mix of electronic sound and noises, originated in Davao City.



Best Screenplay (Jai Cañete & Decelle Suarez)
Best Music (Kokoi Guinto)

Usa ka libo

Usa ka libo by Eli Razo – Bantayan (Cebu)

Shan, a high school student from the province, dreams of pursuing a Medical Degree at the city. She makes a goal to sell 1000 shell necklaces to reach that dream but soon discovers a more expensive lesson.



Best Production Design (Ron Christian Alos)
Best Sound Design (Krysver Gomez & Christian Jirei Miranda)

Sa gabing tanging liwanag

Sa gabing tanging liwanag ay paniniwala by Francis Guillermo – Quezon City

This is a story about the disappearance of people and their identities. Dylan, the son of the town’s captain Soliman, has seen the missing people and knows where they are.

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