Asian winners at the 72nd Locarno International Film Festival

locarnoasianawards2019Three Asian films were awarded at the 72nd Locarno International Film Festival which took place from August 7th – 17th, at Locarno, Switzerland.

International Competition
Special Jury Prize

Height of the Wave

Pa-Go (Height Of The Wave) by Park Jung-Bum – South Korea | 2019- 94 mins.

Young Yea-eun is afraid of the sea which took her parents away. Left alone on the island, she is taken in and abused by the village people. (Locarno’s Website)


Special Mention

The Science of Fictions

Hiruk-Pikuk Si Al-Kisah (The Science Of Fictions) by Yosep Anggi Noen – Indonesia, Malaysia, France | 2019 – 106 mins.

Siman discover a foreign crew shooting a moon landing. He gets caught and his tongue is cut off. He goes through life in slow motion, imitating an astronaut in outer space, labeled as crazy. (Locarno’s Website)


Moving Ahead Section
Special Mentions


Shan Zhi Bei (Osmosis) by Zhou Tao – China | 2019 – 103 mins.

The film looks at the interstices between deserts and oases, an area where man and land infiltrate one another. It reenacts through image the reconfiguration of a re-organized reality, and a winter vibrant in its slumber. (Locarno’s Website)

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