14th Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival – Awards 2019


We present the list of winners of the Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival which will take place from July 9th – 15th, 2019 in Busan, South Korea.

Ready – Action! 12 Prize Winner
BIKY Audience Award

MaskMask by Maean Elementary School Film Group – Korea | 2018 – 15 minutes

Seul-gi wears a mask all the time. She doesn’t want to show her face to others. Even her classmates never see her face exactly. There is a boy who secretly likes Seul-gi. One day, Seul-gi storms out of the classroom because she doesn’t want to take off her mask.


Great Ocean Award – Best Storytelling Award

MaskMask by Maean Elementary School Film Group – Korea | 2018 – 15 minutes


Blue Sky Award

Lawless WorldLawless World by Ko Seo-hyun / Kid’s TV – Korea | 2019 – 10 minutes

Ji-min gets taken away of her mobile during the class and wants to go to a lawless world. Suddenly, she is taken to the lawless world and she is very happy. However, when she heard that the world is ruined because there is no law, she decides to go back to the world where she originally belongs to. However, her teacher and friends find out what Ji-min is going to do and starts to chase her.


Magic Film Award

GlassesGlasses by Molly Dowler – UK | 2018 – 12 minutes

When a boy is bullied at school, simply because he wears glasses, a character named Lady Fate steps in to resolve the situation.


Pure Wind Award – Samir NASR Award

Acid SolutionAcid Solution by Maean Elementary School Film Group
Korea | 2018 – 10 minutes

Ah-won, Jun-young and Ju-ha were doing their unfinished homework. Ah-won and Jun-young, who go to the science lab while leaving Ju-ha alone in the classroom, put acid to slime. Ah-won accidently touches dangerous substance while cleaning a broken beaker. She is infected with the dangerous substance, turns into a zombie and infects other students in school. Everyone becomes a zombie and Ju-ha has nowhere to run.


Ready – Action! 15 Prize Winner
BIKY Audience Award

A Transfer StudentA Transfer Student by Chae Ho-jun / MW Studio – Korea | 2018 – 7 minutes

One day, a new student comes to a peaceful school. However, his classmates feel the transfer student is somewhat different. A few days later, another student is transferred too and the two students easily become friends thanks to their common, same situation. However, at the same time, all start with them, which will shake the whole country…


Great Ocean Award

FlowerFlower by Choi Mu-seong – Korea | 2018 – 6 minutes

In the past, a girl was forcibly captured by Japanese soldiers in a police uniform while watching a white lily. A boy runs into the white lily walking on the street. Only that boy can see the past when he touches that lily.


Blue Sky Award

Granny’s WarGranny’s War by Go Myoung-ji, Go Myoung-jun – Korea | 2919 – 7 minutes

A grandmother and a boy struggle with their own war.


Magic Film Award

I’m the OneI’m the One by Eden Quine-Taylor – UK | 2018 – 4 minutes

‘I’m The One’ is a single-take film about the judgmental nature of mankind. It encourages the audience to question why we feel the need to pass judgement on others, especially when we know nothing about their lives.


Pure Wind Award – Samir NASR Award

A Transfer StudentA Transfer Student by Chae Ho-jun / MW Studio – Korea| 2018 – 7 minutes


Ready – Action! 18 Prize Winner
BIKY Audience Award

The moving dayThe Moving Day by Kim Jae-hun – Korea | 2019 – 5 minutes

A girl arrives at her new home with expectations. For a moment, her boyfriend comes to see her and says what he has in mind with the flowers, but he ignores her words and leaves.


Asia Tie Up Award

Mother's dreamMother’s Dream by Lee Ye-seung – Korea | 2018 – 19 minutes

Geum-suk, a mother of Seo-youn, a high shool girl, is into dancing secretly. One day, Seo-youn happens to see her mother dancing in Hongdae. Suddenly, Seo-youn steals her mother’s dance clothes and her mother has to go to Hongdae without her clothes. The mother getting hooked on dance and her daughter trying to stop her. How would this fight end?


Great Ocean Award

The process of coloring dreamThe Process of Coloring Dream by Kim Tae-ri – Korea | 2018 – 19 minutes

The father accidentally finds himself in his own society, which he wanted to hide from his son. However, after seeing his father’s social life, he comes to understand his father, who had been arguing because he was in different positions.


Blue Sky Award

Escape from the RobotsEscape from the Robots by Lee Jang-won – Korea | 2018 – 14 minutes

In the year of 2038, escape from in a gigantic robot factory, running away from killer robots!


Magic Film Award

HynekHynek by Jáchym Bouzek – Czech Republic | 2018 – 9 minutes

One day, one flat, one family, mother, father and two worlds of Hynek. His real world is reflected into imaginative landscape with a castle from wooden bricks. Psychological insight into the family triangle from perspective of a little boy. He lusts after mother’s warmth and wants to defend her against father’s violence.


Pure Wind Award – Samir NASR Award

Good day to dieGood day to die by Son Jeong-eun – Korea | 2018 – 13 minutes

A high school student, Ji-eun desparately decides to throw herself from the Mapo Bridge together with Jin-ho whom she met through the Internet after her boyfriend left her.

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