Samurai Marathon will open the 18th New York Asian Film Festival

nyaff2019openingThe organizers of the New York Asian Film Festival announced that the opening film will be Samurai Marathon by Bernard Rose. The festival will take place from June 28th until July 14th, 2019.

Samurai Marathon

Samurai Marathon by Bernard Rose – Japan, UK | 2019 – 104 minutes
Cast: Satoh Takeru, Komatu Nana, Moriyama Mirai

Annaka feudal lord Itakura Katsuakira (Hasegawa Hiroki) holds a run across mountain roads to get his samurai warriors into shape. However, the Bakufu central government views it as a rebellion and sipatches assassins to the castle. Meanwhile, Annaka domain accountant Karasawa Jinnai (Satoh Takeru) sense that something is amiss with the Bakufu


For more information about the line up and schedule please visit the NYAFF website:

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