Korean Competition revealed for the 20th Jeonju International Film Festival (Updated)


The Jeonju International Film Festival announced the 10 finalists for their Korean Competition.

Ten feature films out of 104 submissions were selected for the Korean Competition. The list includes eight fictions films and two documentaries. Kim Youngjin, the executive programmer of the Jeonju International Film Festival, stated that “the current trend of Korea’s independent films is covering the frustration and anger of young Koreans about the hopeless reality. The 10 selections are highly accomplished for presenting a new energy and flow among the repetition of Korean independent filmmaking nowadays”.

Among the selected fictions, “A Bedsore” and “Unfamiliar Family” were made with the support of the Jeonju Cinema Fund of the Jeonju Project Market. Choi Changhwan (director of “WAVE”) is a filmmaker who has been selected for the competition for 2 years in a row.

List of Films:

A BedsoreA Bedsore by Shim Hyejung – Korea | 2019 – 110 minutes | Fiction

Chang-sik, a retired man, lives with his wife, Gilsoon and her caretaker, Soo-ok, an illegal immigrant. One day, a bedsore develops on Gilsoon, which does not seem to heal. Even though Gilsoon is in poor shape, Soo-ok insists on taking time off on weekends. Chang-sik realizes Soo-ok is trying a sham marriage for a new visa. Upon hearing this, Chang-sik suggests they get married.


Atlantic City

Atlantic City by Ra Juhyoung – Korea, USA | 2019 – 102 minutes | Fiction

MK and his family immigrated to USA, but all of their family left the country and left him alone. After all, he was led to a Korean homeless shelter, and he receives the help of a pastor. One day MK witnesses people from the shelter along with his father. His father´s life was full of misery and intoxication. MK tries his best, but his father steals money from the shelter and vanishes.


Goodbye Summer

Goodbye Summer by Park Juyoung – Korea | 2018 – 71 minutes | Fiction

Hyunjae confesses his love to Sumin who is his first love, but she hesitates and his best friend declares the end of the friendship. They don´t pity for Hyunjae who´s within sight of death and just think of themselves. Unknown things happen around Hyunjae. One day, Byungjae with a strange accent appears, and the confused days naturally flow back.


My Punch-Drunk Boxer

My Punch-Drunk Boxer by Jung Hyuk-ki – Korea | 2019 – 115 minutes | Fiction

Byung-gu, a once-famous former professional boxer, makes ends meet doing odd jobs at the gym. While eager to start boxing again, he gets diagnosed with “punch drunk syndrome,” a condition caused by cerebral concussions. One day, a new member of the gym arrives and volunteers to help Byung-gu.


Own Way

Own Way by Kim Songmi – Korea | 2019 – 132 minutes | Documentary

Ordinary young people whose current life is not so good somehow decide to move in an experimental community called “Don’t worry Village” in Mokpo for six weeks. They are about to experience and learn various ways of life in the village. Are they really going to be “okay”?



Remain by Kim Minkyung – Korea | 2018 – 99 minutes | Fiction

Suyeon and Sehyuk have been married for 10 years. They move from Seoul to Busan for Sehyuk´s work. While Sehyuk is busy with his work, Suyeon starts her career as a dance professor at the disabled education center. She gets to know Junhee, a man in a wheelchair. They gradually get closer and share their hearts and bodies. Eventually, the three people remain in different places.


Scattered Night

Scattered Night by Kim Sol, Lee Jihyoung – Korea | 2019 – 81 minutes | Fiction

Sumin and Jinho are siblings living together. Their parents declare to them that they will divorce soon. They say that it is not decided yet how the four members of the family live apart, and ask them to wait for about 2 weeks. Sumin spends every day worrying about which parents she’s going to live with and whether she will live apart from Jinho. One day, her parents offer her a suggestion.


The Sea of Itami Jun

The Sea of Itami Jun by Jung Dawoon – Korea | 2019 – 112 minutes | Documentary

“Hello. I´m Itami Jun. I apologize for my poor Korean.” Itami Jun (Yoo Dongryong), a Korean architect who was born in Japan. This film follows his life through heartwarming architectures for people that he had tried for all his life. The architecture of time that exists for the people, space and the story of an architect who walked his own way between Korea and Japan, Shimizu and Jeju.


Unfamiliar Family

Unfamiliar Family by Jeong Seung-o – Korea | 2019 – 93 minutes | Fiction

Hye-young receives a letter of notification that her father´s grave should be forcibly removed due to modernization projects. Hye-young and the sisters are gathered in a long time, but only the brother cannot reach easily.



WAVE by Choi Changhwan – Korea | 2019 – 97 minutes | Fiction

Second-generation migrant worker, Soo is released after receiving probation and community service sentence for his use of violence. Along with his friend Pil-sung, he ends up working as brokers for illegal migrant workers. While fulfilling his community service duty, he meets surfers. Soo falls in love with surfing as the surfers Ddong-ggo and Hae-na teach him how to surf.

We remind readers that the 20th Jeonju International Film Festival will take place from May 2nd – 11th, 2019 in Jeonju, Korea.

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