14th Osaka Asian Film Festival – Closing Film


Daddy Issues” by Ochiai Ken will close activities for the 2019 Osaka Asian Film Festival which will take place from March 8th – 17th, in Osaka, Japan. Read more information about the film here.

The film is based on the Japanese novel, “Papa to Musume no Nanokakan” by Igarashi Takahisa. This novel was dramatized in Japan in 2007, and made into the movie “Daddy You, Daughter Me” by Kim Hyung Hyup (South Korea) in 2017.


Daddy Issues (Hồn papa da con gái) by Ochiai Ken – Vietnam | 2018
Starring: Thái Hoà and Kaity Nguyễn

After the mother passed away, a childish father named Hai and a headstrong daughter named Châu find their relationship deteriorates. Châu is still 17 years old, but very independent and talented, while Hai is cowardly and unreliable and with their fiercely different personalities, they argue frequently. One day ends differently when, a magical event happens and they find that they have switched bodies! With this twist in events, the two are forced to get to know each other, how they think and their experiences, and just in time because both father and daughter will have to deal with important events in their lives.

March 17th, 2019 | Sunday | ABC Hall – Time: To be confirmed



About the director:
OCHIAI made his first film at the age of 12. Immediately following his high school graduation, he left his hometown of Tokyo, Japan, to pursue his dream of becoming a film director in the United States. To date, he has directed three theatrical features, and over 30 short films, commercials, and music videos. His first feature film, “Tiger Mask” (タイガーマスク)(based on a legendary Japanese comic book series), was released in the fall of 2013 in several Asian countries. His second feature film, “Uzumasa Limelight”(太秦ライムライト), was released in 2014. It won the Chevel Noir (Best Picture) and the award for Best Actor at the Fantasia International Film Festival, the Crystal Heart Award at the Heartland Film Festival, and two audience awards, one at the New York Asian Film Festival, and one at Camera Japan in Holland. His latest film, “Saigon Bodyguards” was released in Vietnam in 2016 and beat “Rogue One“ in the charts in its first week of release and became the 4th biggest movie of the year.

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