Call for Entry

Festival Film Dokumenter – Call for Entry 2018


The Festival Film Dokumenter is accepting films until August 20th, 2018. Here you can find more information about their Call for Entry.

Founded in 2002, Yogyakarta, Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) is the first documentary film festival in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, focusing on the development of documentary film as a medium of expression and ecosystem of knowledge, through exhibition, education, and archiving.

Setting forth the notion born in a light conversation between a group of youngsters, it sought to explore the raw potential in Indonesia’s cinema: the documentary medium. Certain traits differentiate documentary films from other audiovisual products, a significant place as a media that educates, reflective, transcends time and space. Amidst the strong current of the mass media, documentary films hold its own role as independent, aspirational media.

In its annual celebration every December, Festival Film Dokumenter always try to observe certain social issues as its focus, as well as creating a bridge between documentary filmmakers, professional filmmakers, and the general audiences, on the purpose of improving the quality and quantity of Indonesia documentary films.

General Rules:
– Production year of the feature documentaries can be from 2016-2018.
– Short Films in Competition must be produced between 2017-2018 and ONLY to Indonesian Nationality.
– Short Films in Non- Competitive Seciton can be from any nationality and production year must be from 2016 to 2018.
– Film of any language including English must include English subtitle.
Submission Fee: FREE
Deadline: August 20th, 2018.

To read more about the Rules and Regulations please follow the next link:

We remind readers that the 2018 Festival Film Dokumenter will take place from December 5th – 12th 2018 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

To see other Call for Entries please go to our section “Call for Entries”.

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