Cinemalaya – Films 2017

We present the films for the Philippine Independent Film Festival “Cinemalaya” 2017 that will take place from August 4th – 13th in Manila, Philippines.

Ang guro kong di marunong magbasa (My teacher who doesn’t know how to read) by Perry Escaño

As an extremist group trains children to fight the government, an illiterate farmer pretends to read while he attempts to play the role of a teacher to maintain the kids’ faith in education.


Ang pamilyang hindi lumuluha (The Family that doesn’t weep) by Mes de Guzman

Only the famous family that doesn’t weep can help reunite a desperate woman with her own.


Baconaua by Joseph Israel Laban

After a particularly strong squall, a sleepy fishing village on a tiny island in Southern Tagalog wakes up to an astonishing sight – their sea has turned red. Floating on their waters are thousands of apples. No one knows where they came from. Some suspect this is a bad omen from the baconaua – a creature of myth. Few believe it to be a miracle from heaven, while others fear a more sinister source.


Bagahe by Zig Dulay – Philippines

Raped and pregnant, an OFW rids herself of unwanted baggage on the flight back home.


Kiko boksingero by Thop Nazareno

Kiko, an 11-year-old boy left aimlessly alone with his nanny after the recent death of his mother, rekindles a long lost relationship with his father in an attempt to find a new lease on life.


Nabubulok by Sonny Calvento

A husband takes flight when his wife goes missing.


Requited by Nerissa Picadizo

An ailing biker takes to the rail for one last adventure that pits him against nature and the woman he desires.


Respeto by Treb Monteras II

When an amateur rapper and a seasoned poet are thrown together in a moment of violence, they learn to write verses with new found clarity.


Sa gabing nanahimik ang mga kuliglig by Iar Lionel Arondaing

A woman’s confession to murder hurls a priest and altar boy into a maelstrom of conflicting emotions and the need to be righteous.

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