Winners of the Delhi International Film Festival 2016


We present the winners of the Delhi International Film Festival that took place from December 3rd – 9th, in Delhi (India).

Arab Cinema Focus
Best Film Award

palestine-stereoPalestine Stereo by Rashid Masharawi – Palestine | 2013 – 90 min.

Two Palestinian brothers plan on immigrating to Canada after the Israeli air force bombs their family home. Milad |stereo used to be a wedding singer but because his wife dies in the attack he doesn’t want to live in Palestine or sing anymore. The bombing also leaves his brother Samy mute and deaf. The two set about earning money for their travel to Canada by buying a secondhand sound system that they rent out for events in Ramallah.

Best Short Film Award

Ah! By Mohanad Diab – France | 2016 – 7 min.

The word “Ah” is commonly used by all the peoples of the world even though they speak various languages. This film tackles the issue of humanity versus racism in France through a Muslim couple in two different situations.

Best Women Director

cherry-lettersCherry Letters by Dr. Riad Kamel Abbas – Syria | 2015 – 72 min.

Film is about the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan, film passionately tells a story of love between a boy and a girl and another symbolically expressed one between people and land in a sublime atmosphere of cherry colored nostalgia.

Best Director Award

the-silence-of-the-shepherdThe Silence of the Shepherd by Raad Mushatat – Iraq | 2014 – 106 min.

When fear dominates and silence becomes a sanctuary, the destiny of one person becomes the fate for all. Young Zahra leaves home to fetch some water from the small river nearby but never comes back. While fear silences the one witness on her disappearance, the collective Imagination of the village creates its own tale of that disappearance; a tale that belongs to the world of the forbidden.

Cinema Across The Border
Best Feature Film

the-inner-soundThe Inner Sound by Ahraful Shishir – Bangladesh | 2016 – 100 min.

This is a story about a noted female writer who develops some psychosomatic-abnormalities since her childhood, her struggling mother and father, an underground political leader who is lost. A flopped filmmaker comes to her life to reveal the truth.

Indian Showcase
Best Social Film Award

kawala-marathiKawala Marathi by Nivas More – India | 2016 – 93 min.

KAWALA is a story of a man, Narayan who is trapped in the two mind. He hates to follow the ancestral rituals but he has to do it due to the pressure created by his loved ones. When his mother dies, his wife tells him to do all the post death rituals to give his mother Moksh, at first he denies it but later on he has to do it as his wife forces him… he becomes restless to see how these rituals and ill beliefs putting the society in the dark …finally he screams out against it!

Debutant Director Award (Short Film)

walking-distanceWalking Distance by Manish Kumar – India | 2016 – 30 min.

Walking distance is a researched mysterious story of a jungle, where a group of friends goes for an adventurous trip and finds that there is something wrong in the jungle. After something mysterious happens to one of them, they found that there is some natural power that protects the jungle and tries to take revenge against those who are against the laws of nature.

Honor Award Yashpal Sharma

brinaBrina by Pawan Sharma – India | 2016 – 117 min.

BRINA, which is based on Himachali folk tale and shot completely in Himachal Pradesh with a star cast of Sanjay Mishra, Yashpal Sharma, Rajesh Jais, Mandakini Goswami and Neeraj Sood. This is a woman oriented film arising some serious social issues on the survival and liberty of woman.

Best Script Writer Award

the-bangleRavindra Singh Rajaway for The Bangle A Tradition – India | 2015 – 117 min.

“Chooda…Ek Pratha” is a story about Chanda who gets married at an early age under Chooda custom in rural Rajasthan. Due to unfavorable circumstances in her married life, parent’s greed, unable to bear an heir in in-laws house, unable to defy destiny she gets married forcefully and passed on from one husband to another in a prominent male dominant society. The destiny does smile at her albeit for a brief time, soon pushes her into the same darkness, when her caring husband dies and she’s forced to marry her son-like brother in-law whom she tendered motherly.

Best North East Film Award

pratyabhanPratyabhan The Challenge by Nipon Dholua – India | 2016 – 135 min

To live a life physically, a human being needs air and food. But to live a life emotionally and mentally, these two elements are not enough. What a person needs in a life is “love and care” . Akash , the protagonist of this film is a character who lives in a world lacks love and care. Hi is physically disabled and naturally finds it almost impossible to discover love in the world around him Mr. Sarat Bordoloi , the father of Akash is a senior police officer.

Best Child Actor Award

pratyabhanDishnan Dholua for Pratyabhan The Challenge (Nipon Dholua) – India | 2016 – 135 min.

To live a life physically, a human being needs air and food. But to live a life emotionally and mentally, these two elements are not enough. What a person needs in a life is “love and care” . Akash , the protagonist of this film is a character who lives in a world lacks love and care. Hi is physically disabled and naturally finds it almost impossible to discover love in the world around him Mr. Sarat Bordoloi , the father of Akash is a senior police officer.

Best Actress Award

the-bangleEkta Tiwari for The Bangle a Tradition (Ravindra Singh Rajawat) – India | 2015 – 117 min.

NRI Cinema
Best Film Award

knot-notKnot Not! by Brinda Murlidhar – Canada | 2016 – 145 min.

Knot Not! Is an English film with Indo-Canadian content, produced entirely in Canada. It is a family drama with a compelling story, intriguing characters, presented in a very engaging narrative. Knot Not! Explores a deep social issue that has global resonance and holds a mirror to the society while keeping in mind the entertainment value for its audience. The film is full of relatable, heart-warming, thought provoking as well as fun inducing moments that audience will cherish for a long time.

Best Actor Award

mirror-gamePraveen Dabbas for Mirror Game (Vijit Sharma) – USA | 2016 – 108 min.

The film follows University Professor Jay Verma. Stuck in a crumbling marriage and a failing career, Jay seeks a way out of his troubles. Ronnie, an ambitious student, approaches Professor Verma asking for help with a thesis. Verma sees this opportunity and in return for his help, makes Ronnie an offer that he hopes will solve all his problems. Ronnie accepts but soon things start to spiral out of control and Professor Verma begins to question his own sanity.

Best Documentary Award

daughter-of-earthDaughter of Earth by Tj Gill – UK | 2016 – 20 min.

This is a documentary film based on true case files , events and atrocities taking place towards women from all over the world as enumerated in the United Nation Secretary-General’s ‘In-depth study on violence against women’.

World Cinema
Best Film Award

molotov-cocktailMolotov Cocktail by Evgeniy Skosov and Pavel Kildau – Ukraine | 2016 – 90 min.

Anna meets with a mysterious intellectual Alexander. Between young people immediately ignited strong feelings and relations are developing quite rapidly. But events in the country to romance: the town squares with many protests and all heralds the beginning of the revolution; the government introduced increased security measures. Loves still do not realize that are on different sides of “barricades”: she is an active participant in the protests, he is a captain of the special army. The thin line between love and duty, that outweigh the scales of fate?

Jury Choice Award

oathOath to die by Noriel Jarito – Philippines | 2016 – 80 min.

Northern Samar is one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines. Politicians here are elected into office by means of vote-buying. Most of them are based in Manila and they only come here during election time. They treat the province like it’s their hacienda. Some residents work as bodyguards and gunmen for politicians. For a small amount, they can be hired to gun down political rivals. Michael and Jess both hail from this province. Two different people whose lives are changed forever by seemingly identical events in their past.

Best Audience Choice Award

klezmerKlezmer by Piotr Chrzan – Poland | 2015 – 95 min.

Klezmer is a 2015 Polish war-drama film written and directed by Piotr Chrzan. While walking through the forest during the Nazi occupation, young people find a wounded Jewish man. They now have to decide what to do with him.

Short Films
Best Film
Coffee at Laundromat by Maahi Kaur – Canada

Best Director
Who Dies by Shahnawaz Bagal – India

Best Concept
Active Voices a Collection of Re Collection by Sharmila Arvind – India

Critic Choice Award
An Earth For All by Anup Kumar and Veena Kumar – India

Student Films
Best Short Film
Kahur by Pratik Nikalje – India

Other Awards
Minar-E-Dilli Award
Kseniya Ryabinkina – Ukraine

Mani Rathnam Award
A Sreekar Prasad – Editor of Indian Film Industry

Poet of the Year Award

Best Editor of the Year Award
A. Sreekar Prasad

Best Actor of the Year Award
Ravi Kishan

Artist of the Year Award
Vincent Phili

Face of the Year Award
Harsh Nagar

To know more about this festival please visit the FESTIVAL PROFILE or go to the official webpage HERE.

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