Winners of the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2016


We present the list of winners of the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2016 that took place from November 4th – 24th in Taipei, Taiwan.

Best Feature Film

the-summer-is-goneThe Summer Is Gone by Zhang Dalei – China | 2016 – 106 min.

In the early 1990s, Xiaolei, who lives in a small village in western China, longs for a summer holiday without homework after he graduated from primary school. However, it is filled with boring routine, and Xiaolei feels the anxiety around him. When his father has left, Xiaolei realises that his life is completely changed.


Best Documentary

le-moulinLe Moulin by Huang Ya Li – Taiwan | 2015 – 162 min.

Le Moulin composes a complex and harmonious essay that brings back to life an unambiguous and inspiring surrealist literary movement that developed in the 1930s in Taiwan when the long Japanese occupation threatened to permanently destroy the local culture.


Best Live Action Short Film

a-sunny-dayA Sunny Day by Ying Liang – Hong Kong, Netherlands | 2016 – 26 min.

2014, Hong Kong. A young woman visits her father in his flat. She has not seen him for a while. Her plan is to have lunch with him before the Occupy Movement reaches a critical juncture…


Best Animated Short Film

wander-in-the-darkWander in the Dark by Redic Hsu by Taiwan | 2015 – 5 min.

It’s a story about a life trying to find its name and identity. Through the journey of stray animals, we see the dark side of the city. It traps a lot of creatures, not only animals but also some of us.


Best Director

i-am-not-madame-bovaryFeng Xiaogang for I am Not Madame Bovary – China | 2016 – 137 min.

Li Xuelian stages a sham divorce to secure an apartment only for her husband to unexpectedly remarry. Li protests to the courts without success since the divorce paperwork is in order. When her husband further defames her, she sets out on an absurdly ten-year journey to reclaim her reputation.


Best Leading Actress

soul-mateZhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun for their role in Soul Mate (Derek Tsang)
China, Hong Kong | 2016 – 100 min.

High school students Qiyue and Ansheng are best friends, who grew up together and share everything with each other. Qiyue is calm while Ansheng is passionate. As fate would have it, they fall in love with the same man, Jiaming. Their different values and lifestyles inevitably lead them towards completely different ends.


Best Leading Actor

mr-no-problemFan Wei for his role in Mr. No Problem (Mei Feng) – China | 2016 – 144 min.

Shuhua Farm is productive and yet fails to turn a profit. To bring in more income, farm director Ding rents a room to Qin. The shareholders decide to hire a new director, but Qin not only opposes it but urges the workers to do the same. Ding returns, and the farm still operates at a loss, under a facade of not having any problem.


Best Supporting Actress

mad-worldElaine Jin for her role in Mad World (Wong Chun) – Hong Kong | 2016 – 101 min.

The film begins with a father picking up his bipolar son from a mental hospital. Both men are in deep remorse for the accident that killed the mother. The tension and anxiety boil as they stick with each other in a tiny flat. As time passes, they realize that their pain is due to the cruel and unjust society.


Best Supporing Actor

at-cafe-6Lin Po-hung for his role in At Café 6 (Neal Wu) – Taiwan | 2016 – 102 min.

Miss Liang’s car breaks down on a rainy night. The coffee shop owner helps her and tells her the story happened in 1996 at Café 6. At that time, Guan and his good friend Xiao always hang out together. Guan is secretly in love with Li. But they need to face the reality after high school. Will their friendship last forever?


Best New Director

mad-world2Wong Chun for Mad World – Hong Kong | 2016 – 101 min.

Best New Performer

the-summer-is-goneKong Weiyi for The Summer is Gone (Zhang Dalei) – China | 2016 – 106 min.

Best Film Editing

trivisaAllen Leung Chi-lun, David Richardson for Trivisa (Jevons Au & Frank Hui)
Hong Kong | 2016 – 97 min.

Everything happens for a Reason. “Kings of Thieves” Cheuk Chi Keung, Yip Kwok Foon and Kwai Ching Hung never know one another even though they share the same notoriety in the underworld. Unbeknown to them, their random presence at a restaurant in China in early 1997 is destined to change their fate forever.


Best Original Screenplay

trivisaLoong Man Hong, Thomas NG, Mak Tin-shu for Trivisa (Jevons Au & Frank Hui)
Hong Kong | 2016 – 97 min.

Best Adapted Screenplay

mr-no-problemMei Feng, Huang Shi for Mr. No Problem (Mei Feng)
China | 2016 – 144 min.

Best Cinematography

CrosscurrentMark Lee Ping-bing for Crosscurrent by Yang Chao – China | 2016 – 116 min.

Gao Chun, a captain of a cargo ship sailing up the Yangtze River, disembarks at every port on his journey in search of love. However, he gradually realises that the women he meets at different ports appear to be the same person – An Lu. Bewildered, he tries to unveil the mystery of An Lu and the secret of the river.


Best Visual Effects

mojinthe-lost-legendDouglas Hans Smith, Sam Wang, Sam Khorshid, Strilen Liu for Mojin-The Lost Legend (Wuershan)
China | 2015 – 125 min.

Once legendary tomb robbers, Hu Bayi, Wang Kaixuan and Shirley Yang, now sell antiques on the Big Apple’s sidewalks. In debt, Wang Kaixuan begins working for a shady mining group. When they enter the underground labyrinth, hidden traps and unleashing poisons are awakened. Together, the trio discover the mystery of the tomb.


Best Art Director

godspeedChao Shih Hao for Godspeed (Chung Mong-hon) – Taiwan | 2016 – 111 min.

The job is simple – hail a cab and deliver a package to a friend of Nadow’s boss. Nadow gets on a taxi driven by Hui. Nadow’s plan to reform himself and Hui’s wish for a peaceful life take a downturn when they get targeted by a mob. The drugs and the money are gone, and Hui and Nadow end up being kept hostage…


Best Makeup & Costume Design

detective-chinatownStanley Cheung for Detective Chinatown (Chen Sicheng) – China | 2015 – 136 min.

A talented young boy called Qin Feng fails to get into the police college. His grandmother sends him to Thailand with his distant cousin, Tang Ren, known as the “best detective of Chinatown”. Tang Ren becomes the suspect for a murder after a crazy night out, and therefore Qin and Tang have to run for their lives…


Best Action Choreography


Wu Gang for Detective Chinatown (Chen Sicheng) – China | 2015 – 136 min.

Best Original Film Score

City of JadeLim Giong for City of Jade by Midi Z – Taiwan, Myanmar | 2016 – 98 min.

In the war-torn Kachin State in Myanmar, waves of poor workers flock to dig for jade, dreaming of getting rich overnight. Midi, the director, tries to find out why his brother became a drug addict and abandoned his family. Moreover, the film depicts how people struggle for survival in the darkest corner in Myanmar.


Best Original Film Song
Arena Cahaya by Zee Avi (OlaBola) – Lyrics Zee Avi, Renda Zawawi

Best Sound Effects

CrosscurrentFang Tao, Hao Zhiyu for Crosscurrent by Yang Chao – China | 2016 – 116 min.

Audience Choice Award

i-am-not-madame-bovaryI am Not Madame Bovary by Feng Xiaogang – China | 2016 – 137 min.


the-summer-is-goneThe Summer is Gone by Zhang Dalei – China | 2016 – 106 min.

Life Achievement Award

photo1Chang Yung-hsiang (Taiwanese Screenwriter and Director)

To know more about this festival you can visit the FESTIVAL PROFILE or the official website HERE.

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