Winners of the Hanoi International Film Festival 2016


We present the list of winners of the Hanoi International Film Festival that took place from October 28th – 29th in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Best Feature Film

rememberRemember by Atom Egoyan – Canada | 2015 – 94 min.

Remember is the contemporary story of Zev, who discovers that the Nazi guard who murdered his family some 70 years ago is living in America under an assumed identity. Despite the obvious challenges, Zev sets out on a mission to find the guilty man and deliver long-delayed justice with his own trembling hand. What follows is a remarkable cross-continent road-trip with surprising consequences


Best Director

Pamilya OrdinaryoEduardo Roy Jr. for Ordinary People – Philippines | 2016 – 107 min.

ORDINARY PEOPLE is a family portrait of Jane, 16, and her boyfriend, Aries, who live on their own in the chaotic streets of Manila. Surviving as pickpockets, the lives of the young couple change when they suddenly become teenage parents. But not even a month into parenthood, their child is stolen from them. In order to retrieve the child, the young couple is forced to take desperate measures.


Best Actress

Pamilya OrdinaryoHasmine Killip for her role in Ordinary People – Philippines | 2016 – 107 min.

Best Actor

rememberChristopher Plummer for his role in Remember – Canada | 2015 – 94 min.

Jury Special Award – Feature Film

yellow-flowers-on-the-green-grassYellow Flowers on the Green Grass by Victor Vu – Vietnam | 2015 – 102 min.

The romantic and transparent childhood in spite of the poverty in a rural area in the middle south of Vietnam where lived two brother Thieu and Tuong. There was tragedy mingle with the early conflicts, the sincere passion and pure hurt between them. All seem to make up tickets for audiences to come back to the childhood.


Jury Award – Feature Film

One Way Trip by Choi Jeong-yeol – South Korea | 2015 – 93 min.

Earlier that morning, the four best friends who just came of age took the road to Pohang – a small city near the beach – since one of the friends, Sangwoo, is enlisting in the Marine Corps the day after. On the last day before Sangwoo goes off to the army, a life-changing incident dawns in front of them. The four best friends now face a situation beyond their control, and are forced through an irrevocable day.



the-green-carriageThe Green Carriage by Oleg Asadulin – Russia | 2015 – 90 min.

Vadim Raevsky is the famous director, and lives a life in glamour many others can only dream of. Nevertheless Vadim’s next film is nominated for an Oscar. But unexpectedly fate presents a crushing defeat: Vadim loses someone close. He does not believe in the accident version and tries to understand the reasons and find the culprit. But the more Vadim advances in his investigation, the more shocking the details he discovers.


Audience Award for Feature Film

jackpotJackpot by Dustin Nguyễn – Vietnam | 2014 – 95 min.

Being released from the jail, Mr. Tu luckily won a big sum from the lottery. This event stirred the whole commune. Mr. Tu is so kind and generous that he gives money to all every one without knowing that a big trouble is going to happen.


Audience Award – New Vietnamese Section

taxi-whats-your-nameTaxi, What’s your name? by Do Duc Thinh-Dinh Tuan Vu – Vietnam | 2016 – 97 min.

The film is a humorous journey of guy Thuong Phong – an absent-minded scientist studying reptiles and the female taxi driver named Binh Chi. They met each other because Thuong Phong missed the flight from Saigon to Da Lat, thus he had to catch a taxi to Da Lat to propose his girlfriend, May. Along the way, they encounter many akward issues.


Best Short Film

three-variation-on-ofeliaThree Variation on Ofelia by Paulo Riqué – Mexico | 2015 – 15 min.

Never, no-one, nothing… Never

Jury Award for Short Film

heart-of-the-landHeart of the land by Kaika Astikainen – Finland | 2016 – 30 min.

Somewhere in the heart of the Finnish countryside, there is a small dairy farm. A couple lives and works there side by side, leading a quiet and simple life. The seasons change, and the days are filled with labor, until finally comes a day when it’s time for them to retire, and there’s no-one to take over.

Best Young Short Film Director

another-cityPhạm Ngọc Lân for Another City – Vietnam | 2016 – 25 min.

The film is about the fault and lack of connection between people and people, people and their living space. When the urban landscape shapes the relationships of human: a mature woman, a bride and a group of young people looking for intimacy in the anonymity at the big city.

To know more about this festival visit the FESTIVAL PROFILE or go to the official webpage of the festival HERE.

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