80 Asian Films, Docs & Shorts you cannot miss (Shorts – Part 3)


AsianFilmFestivals present a list of 80 Asian Films, Docs & Shorts you cannot miss. In this post we finish with the short films.

About the list
After covering lots of festivals in these first months of 2016 we decided to publish a list of 38 Asian films, 17 documentaries & 25 shorts you cannot miss. The list was made taking into account fifty-six festivals that took place from January – June (2016). After reading lots of catalogues we decided to highlight films we consider interesting to watch. We try to be fair and cover all genres.

To make it more organized we decided to publish the list in different post. Also to make it more accessible for future reads we created a new section in the Top Menu called “80 Asian Films” there you will find all the post we create related to this list. We hope you like our selection of films and as always we are open to any comments.

Note: the films were order alphabetically


Under the Sea

Under the Sea by Koh Eun-hye – South Korea | 2015 – 17 min.

Ji-ah and Na-young go to the sea to meet old friend Dong-hae. Ji-ah does not enter the water because of Allergy to seawater, but friends don’t believe it. After the sun sets, they start talking about past love.

Unsilent Potato

Unsilent Potato by sein Lyan Tun – Myanmar | 2016 – 42 min.

In 2014, a young disable Karen ethnic girl named ‘Potato’ was raped by neighbor married man who was later accused for the said case. The rape case (376) nonetheless was deceived as seduction suits (417) that having unlawful sexual relation of persuasion. After making a firm decision, family attempted to raise women’s awareness and disability rights so they let the world know her daughter’s devastating story. Potato, the poor girl, can’t even speak to voice her feeling out but to express her pains by drawing sketches. That’s how she describes she is in deep sorrow, despair and frustration. The trial is still ongoing.


Vapor (Mok mae rim) by Apichatpong Weerasethakul – Thailand | 21 min.

The clouds descend onto a village and engulf it for a day. They touch the roof tiles, the beds, the chairs, the carpets, the grass, and the bodies, infecting everything with the fever of white stupor.


Vein by Ko Jet, Htet Aung San & Phyo Zayar Kyaw
Myanmar | 2016 – 45 min.

A part of one of the biggest corruption sites in Myanmar.

Your Little Sister

Your Little Secret by Park Yun-soo – South Korea | 2016 – 12 min.

A member of the school athletic club, Woo-hyun has a secret that he cannot tell anyone. It is the fact that he is an ‘otaku’ (mania) for cute teddy bears, Rilakkuma. His desk mate, Ye-ju found out his secret and the two become best otaku-friends.

Part 1 (1-10)
Part 2 (11-20)
Part 3 (21-25)

Go to the 80 Asian Film to see the complete list

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