Winners of the New Zealand International Film Festival 2016


We present the list of winners of the New Zealand International Film Festival that took place from July 14th – September 18th, in various cities of New Zealand.

Best New Zealand Short Film

WaitWait by Yamin Tun – New Zealand | 2016 – 14 min.

A young girl helps her immigrant mother overcome both cultural and emotional barriers. Tense and absorbing narrative with an intentionally enigmatic finale. Good tech credits and finely tuned performances.

What the jury said: We wanted to reward a film and filmmaker who has a clear voice, that managed to stay with us, producing a story that succeeded in mastering the short film form. We were particularly impressed with this film’s authorial vision and use of visual language to carry the emotional story.

Wallace Friends of the Civic Award

WaitWait by Yamin Tun – New Zealand | 2016 – 14 min.

What the jury said: In selecting Wait as the recipient for the award all films were given careful consideration in the areas of cinematography, narrative construction, character development and performance, and overall direction of content.  It was considered that Wait, in its unique presentation format and bold choices overall was exceptional and we are pleased to present the award to Writer/Director Yamin Tun and Producers Vicky Pope and Daniel Higgins for their efforts.

Audience Award

the-kingThe King by Ursula Grace Williams – New Zealand | 2016 – 23 min.

Meet Andy Stankovich, scrap-metal merchant by day and sweet-voiced performer by night. Likeable documentary with a warm heart. A classic New Zealand character, with a touching bunch of associates.

Bill Gosden director of NZIFF commented: Emily Perkins’ experience spans both the literary and film worlds with her great success as an author and her recent work in adapting Eleanor Catton’s novel for the big screen. Carthew Neal’sbox office success with Hunt for the Wilderpeople makes him one of the most sought after producers in the industry. We appreciate their individual contributions to the judging task at hand in selecting New Zealand’s Best for 2016.

To know more about this festival please visit the FESTIVAL PROFILE or go to the official webpage HERE.

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