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7 Short Films you cannot miss at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival


We present a list of 7 Short Films worth watching at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival that is taking place from July 7th – 17th in Perth (Australia).


Brainless Killers by Ren Thackham – Australia | 2015 – 18 min

Two journalists venture into the zombie inhabited town of Zombridge, a functioning town within the wider community of Australia, to interview the mayor. They find a story more worthy of telling but have to get out alive first.

Trailer (Will open in a new window)

07.09.2016 – Luna Leederville – 11:00 pm
07.11.2016 – Luna Leederville – 8:45 pm


Colorado by Chad Peter – US | 2015 – 15 min.

After the recent death of her father, a young woman leaves behind her home and job to take a road trip back to the place she grew up: the family cabin. “Colorado” is a love letter to the craft of filmmaking – completely unscripted and built scene-by-scene on the go, director Chad Peter and actress Rebecca Grimes, complete strangers to each other, set out from from Los Angeles to Denver, Colorado with a camera and the intention to make a film. “Colorado” is the result.

07.13.2016 – Luna Leederville – 9:00 pm
07.17.2016 – Paradiso – 12:45 pm

Damage Control

Damage Control by Dean Ginsbeg – Australia | 2015 – 5 min.

It’s a dark, still night outside the pharmacy. Just another quiet shift for the two employees inside. A car pulls up out the front and a man hurriedly walks in to do some shopping. The clerk is instantly suspicious of his edgy behaviour and dishevelled appearance. He can’t be up to any good.

07.11.2016 – Luna Leederville – 11:15 pm
07.15.2016 – Luna Leederville – 10:50 pm

Last Words2

Last Words by Lucas Jatoba de Almeida & Andrew Goldie – Australia | 2016 – 14 min.

Last Words tells the true stories of 8 convicts on death row and their last statements just before being executed by the state.
“If you kill the murderer, the quantity of murderers will not change.” – Winston Churchill
Last Words is a film about regret, forgiveness and compassion.

07.09.2016 – Luna Leederville – 2:30 pm
07.14.2016 – SX – 6:45 pm
07.17.2016 – Luna Leederville – 12:45 pm


Ophelia by Anthony Garland – US | 2016 – 8 min.

A job interview takes an ominous turn as Ophelia’s insecurities manifest and she battles her way through a frightening exchange with her inquirers, culminating in a showdown with her inner self.

07.12.2016 – Luna Leederville – 21:00 pm
07.17.2016 – Paradiso – 21:00 pm

passion of v

Passion of V by David Seok Hoon Boo – South Korea | 2016 – 38 min.

Hoon dreams of imminent danger that is about to happen in the earth.
In that same dream, Hoon meets a member of ‘Guardians of the Earth.’
The guardian appoints Hoon to be the pilot of the legendary hero ‘Robot Taekwon V.’ Now Hoon must head to the National Assembly building to awaken Taekwon V and save the earth.

07.09.2016 – Luna Leederville – 8:45 pm
07.10.2016 – Luna Leederville – 8:45 pm
07.15.2016 – Luna Leederville – 7:30 pm

The Immaculate Misconception

The Immaculate Misconception by Michael Geoghegan – UK | 2015 – 25 min.

What if the second coming of Christ was to happen in the suburbs of Belfast in a dysfunctional family and with a daughter who’s best known for not perhaps doing precisely the right thing?

Trailer (will open in a new window)

07.08.2016 – Luna Leederville – 10:30 pm
07.09.2016 – Paradiso – 12:45 pm
07.17.2016 – Luna Leederville – 6:30 pm

For more information about the festival please visit the FESTIVAL PROFILE.

To know where and when they are going to screen these movie you can check the official website here: Revelation Perth International Film Festival.

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