Festival Film Dokumenter


Dates: December, 2016
Place: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) Yogyakarta is the first documentary film festival in Indonesia and South East Asia. Since 2002, every December this annual Festival has been held several programs related to the documentary films.

The idea of FFD was sparked from small talk amongs a group of young people about their awareness on the documentary film. They began carry out their idea for the sake of Indonesian documentary film growth. The awareness of this media emerged among these young people since there are many great potential in the field of Indonesian documentary film but not optimally explored. Human resources and materials that need to be explored are sufficient source to produce a documentary film. But young filmmakers do not use such sources to produce a film, instead they are more interesting in producing “artistic” and “expressive” films, which mostly are fiction genre. Such films even are being dramatized by profit-oriented media, such as instantly produced television programs, which become the reference for most young filmmakers. They have neglected documentary film that in fact contains full of educational elements.

Documentary film has its own characteristic that is distinct from other mass media. It is a significant and reflective media, which has power to educate people beyond time and space boundaries. Amongst strong media competition, documentary film takes an important role as an aspirational and independent media.