20th Seoul International Eco Film Festival – Opening Film 2023

Blueback directed by Robert Connolly will open the Seoul International Eco Film Festival which will take place from June 1 – 7, 2023 in Seoul, Korea.

Blueback by Robert Connolly – Australia | 2022 – 102 minutes

Based on Tim Winton’s best-selling novel of the same title, Blueback is the story of Abby, who fights to save coral reefs and her mom Dora. The film takes us back to Abby’s childhood through several flashbacks. Abby gradually recalls her memories of Dora standing up against whale hunters and developers. She realizes that her mom’s persistent effort to engrave the beauty of ocean in her mind has become a force to live. While revealing how serious condition the marine ecosystem is under, the film consists of absolutely lyrical melodramatic images and lines. Although the underwater world seen through Dora and Abby’s eyes is fatally beautiful, it is turning into dangerous place owing to human cruelty and ignorance. Affirming love for each other midst their attempt to save the ocean and sea creatures, Abby and Dora are family and comrades at the same time. (SIEFF 2023)


About the director:
Robert Connolly is one of Australia’s most acclaimed and best-known filmmakers. His films such as PAPER PLANES, BALIBO and THE TURNING were a hit at the box office. Most recently he wrote and directed THE DRY.

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