63rd Zlín Film Festival – Asian Presence 2023

We take a look at the Asian films that will be screened at the Zlín Film Festival – International Film Festival for Children and Youth, which will take place from June 1 – 7, 2023 in Zlin, Czech Republic.

Arnold is a Model Student by Sorayos Prapapan – Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, France, Netherlands | 2022 – 85 minutes

Arnold is a clever student who has won many academic awards. One day, he meets Bee who runs an underground business helping students cheat on their exams. Bee asks Arnold to join his cheating ring and offers him a lot of money. While Arnold considers working with Bee, many of his schoolmates, unhappy with their school’s disrespect of their freedom, organize a big protest.


Autobio-Pamphlet by Ashish Bende – India | 2022 – 90 minutes

A satirical story about Ashish, a so-called “lower caste” boy from the Dalit community in 1990s Maharashtra, who falls in love with his classmate Srushti, a girl from the so-called “upper caste” Brahmin community. We follow their story and the story of the dramatic socio-political transformations around them, their families, city, and India.


Goodbye the Groundhog by Yang Chengcheng – China | 2022 – 83 minutes

A desperate father sets out in search of a bizarre folk remedy to cure his daughter’s strange illness. Travelling thousands of miles to Tibet, there he encounters two simple Tibetan teenagers and convinces them to trade his tablet for their groundhog. From then on, the two sides engage in a battle for the groundhog.

Mother Land by Jae-beom PARK – South Korea | 2022 – 69 minutes

Krisha is the daughter of the Yates, a nomadic tribe of the tundra. When her mother falls seriously ill, Krisha follows the words of the tribe’s shaman and sets out on a quest to ask for help from Red Bear, the sacred spirit and owner of the land.


Our Home by Romi Meitei Mayanglambam – India | 2022 – 86 minutes


Rickshaw Girl by Amitabh Reza Chowdhury – Bangladesh, USA, Germany | 2021 – 110 minutes

Naima, a brave and determined girl, wants to help her poor Bangladeshi family financially, but her undeniable artistic talent is useless in this matter. With her father gravely ill, it seems that the only thing she can do is to leave her native village and throw herself into the whirlwind of big city Dhaka. But here she faces the same economic, social and gender inequalities as most young girls in Bangladesh.


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