11th Diaspora Film Festival – Opening Film 2023

Away directed by Ruslan Fedotow will open the Diaspora Film Festival which will take place from May 19 – 23, 2023 at the Incheon Art Platform, Korea.

Away by Ruslan Fedotow – Hungary, Belgium, Portugal | 2022 – 29 minutes | Documentary

Ukraine’s civil war, Donbas War, which began in 2014, led to the invasion of Russia in 2022. Despite the desire for peace, the war is still ongoing in 2023. At such time, the camera soon faces the war. The film, which has been responsible for recording human history, silently captures the moment of tragedy. This year’s opening film Away is also a front-line film. Adolescent teenagers Andrey and Alisa, who escaped Ukraine to Hungary to escape the war, teach art to refugee children in the same situation. It is not strange for victims to take care of other victims. In the meantime, the situation in Ukraine is tense. The phone call with the family left on the battlefield is at stake. The Hungarian government’s position is ambiguous, and public opinion goes to and from extremes. The antiwar performance initiated by Andrey and Alisa leads to a police report. The director Ruslan Fedotow silently portrays all this helplessness. Genophobia is outspoken in the face of refugees who repeatedly apologize. However, Away calmly captures the sparkling moment of humanity in that acute situation. Life is a mass full of despair and hope, but in it, we take half a step toward hope. And Away shares the steps. That is the power of the film. (Hyuksang Ksan Lee)


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