5th FIPADOC International Documentary Festival – Asian Presence 2023

We present the Asian films that will be screened at the FIPADOC International Documentary Festival which will take place from January 20 – 28, 2023 in Biarritz, France.

– Feature Films –

A Holy Family by A-Liang “Elvis” LU – Taiwan, France | 2022 – 88 minutes

After 20 years away, a-liang returns to his family in a rural isolated area of taiwan. He films this reunion, determined to confront them with the superstitions that seem to guide their lives -in particular their belief in his older brother’s psychic powers. He gradually realizes that his departure created a deep wound for his family.(FIPADOC 2023)


The Golden Thread by Nishtha Jain
India, Norway, Netherlands, UK, Bosnia and Herzegovina | 2022 – 90 minutes

Outside kolkata, several jute mills crank on, virtually unchanged since the industrial revolution. The film puts the analogue and digital, the early industrial and post-industrial, and the aspirations of the young vs expectations of the old workers into an immersive mix and asks whether an alternative future can emerge from the near dystopian present. (FIPADOC 2023)

Delikado by Karl Malakunas – US, UK, Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia | 2022 – 94 minutes

Within the idyllic philippine tourist destination of palawan, forests and wildlife are being destroyed by illegal loggers and president duterte’s cronies. Despite extreme mortal danger, a small troop of environmental crusaders risk their lives to catch the culprits in the act and prevent the thieving and destruction of their homeland. (FIPADOC 2023)


– Short Films –

Powernapper’s Paradise by Samir Arabzadeh – Philippines. Swedem | 2022 – 14 minutes

The cashier sleeps at the checkout, the accountant has fallen asleep over the keyboard and the guard is asleep outside the bank with his rifle in his lap… here, in the philippines, it is perfectly okay to sleep at work. (FIPADOC 2023)


The Man who couldn’t leave by Singing Chen – Taiwan, China | 2022 – 35 minutes

Inside the former green island prison in taiwan, political detainee a-kuen recounts imprisonment and persecution in the 1950s. Among inmates, frozen in time, he recalls his own experience and those of his friend, a-ching, who never made it out. (FIPADOC 2023)


For more information about the festival, please visit:

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