Sundance Film Festival – Asian Presence 2023

We present the Asian short films that will be screened at the Sundance Film Festival (USA) which will take place from January 19 – 29, 2023

*Note: the list includes Asian-American filmmakers.

Animation Short Film Program

fur by Zhen Li – USA | 2022 – 7 minutes

A crush gone moldy… (Sundance 2023)

The Sea on the Day When the Magic Returns by Jiwon Han – South Korea | 2022 – 24 minutes

Sejin once had the power to have anything she wanted just by thinking about it. Now she has lost her magic. Hours before her interview to be a tourist interpreter, Sejin heads to the weary sea to save her father. (Sundance 2023)


Well Wishes My Love, Your Love by Gabriel Gabriel Garble – Sweden, Malaysia | 2022 – 9 minutes

Newly orphaned and freshly wounded from a loss, a boy lends his companion a prosthetic arm for the day. The companion records the limb being exposed to textures and materials. What will become of the limb and the video recordings? (Sundance 2023)


Documentary Short Film Program

Will You Look At Me by Shuli Huang – China | 2022 – 20 minutes

As a young Chinese filmmaker returns to his hometown in search of himself, a long-overdue conversation with his mother drives them into a quest for acceptance and love. (Sundance 2023)


Short Film Preceding Feature

It’s Raining Frogs Outside by Maria Estela Paiso – Philippines | 2021 – 14 minutes

A girl’s childhood home attempts to destroy her using her own personal history, but she resists. (Sundance 2023)


Short Film Program 3

Nocturnal Burger by Reema Maya – USA, India | 2022 – 28 minutes

Somewhere between fantasy, trauma, paranoia, precaution, and the promise of a burger, a night gets catapulted into an investigation of child abuse at a dysfunctional police station in Mumbai. (Sundance 2023)


When You Left Me On That Boulevard by Kayla Abuda Galang – USA | 2022 – 13 minutes

Teenager Ly and her cousins get high before a boisterous family Thanksgiving at their auntie’s house in southeast San Diego in 2006. (Sundance 2023)

White Ant by Shalini Adnani – USA, India | 2022 – 15 minutes

A man is summoned from Mumbai to his village to deal with a termite infestation threatening to destroy his childhood home. (Sundance 2023)

Short Film Program 4

A Short Film by BI GAN – China | 2022 – 15 minutes

An anthropomorphic feline wanders across empty cities and exurban spaces of contemporary China. Black Cat is on a quest to answer a single question: What is the most precious thing in the world? (Sundance 2023)


Short Film Program 5

Evacuation of Mama Emola by Anggun Priambodo – Indonesia | 2022 – 18 minutes

An incarcerated man is allowed a temporary release with a woman prison officer to evacuate his mother – who is trapped in a village during an earthquake that might lead to a tsunami – bringing them to an unexpectedly exciting experience. (Sundance 2023)

In the Big Yard Inside the Teeny-Weeny Pocket by Yoko Yuki – Japan | 2022 – 7 minutes

When it shrinks, it expands. It floats and it sinks. It separates but connects. When I think I’m watching them, they’re actually watching me. (Sundance 2023)


Short Film Program 6

Take Me Home by Liz Sargent – USA | 2022 – 16 minutes

After their mother’s death, a cognitively disabled woman and her estranged sister must learn to communicate in order to move forward (Sundance 2023)

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