Brooklyn Horror Film Festival – Asia Presence 2022

Two Asian films will be screened at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival which will take place from October 13-20, 2022.

Satan’s Slaves 2: Communion by Joko Anwar – Indonesia | 2022 – 119 minutes

In this direct sequel to his terrifying instant classic SATAN’S SLAVES (2017), director Joko Anwar re-introduces us to the same family now living in a doomed high-rise apartment building. After a night of terrible floods traps them inside, the dead return to terrorize them once again. Anwar continues to build out an exciting mythology with this gory and demented follow-up that is appointment viewing for all fans of the current wave of Indonesian horror. —Joseph Hernandez (BHFF 2022)

October 17, 2022 | Monday | Shudder Theater (Williamsburg Cinema 6) | 8:15 pm


OST by Abhichoke Chandrasen – Thailand | 2021 – 19 minutes

While working on a horror film score, a sound design assistant becomes the target of a demon that has deadly fascination with her job. (BHFF 2022)

October 15, 2022 | Saturday | Williamsburg Cinema 7 | 4:45 pm


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