14th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival – International Competition 2022

We present the International Competition of the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, which will take place from September 22 – 29, 2022 in Paju and Goyang, South Korea.

– Films –

A Guide to Love and Fighting Capitalism by Basile Carré-Agostini – France | 2021

Monique and Michel Pinçon-Charlot are a couple of French sociologists, famous for their work on the uber-rich. They should have been enjoying a peaceful retirement in their lovely home in the Paris suburbs. How did they come out on the streets? Why are they shouting to fight against capitalism? The old couple tell us why. With the story of their love that they have cultivated over the past fifty years.​ (DMZ Docs 2022)


A Steady Job by Mattia Colombo, Gianluca Matarrese – Italy, France | 2022

Every month, a night bus departs from southern Italy. The passengers are health care workers looking for stable jobs in the Northern Italy, where the economy is relatively good. However, only a handful of jobs are allowed for these thousands of people, and most of them have to get back on this bus again several times a year. Through the story of a night bus full of hope and anxiety for the future, A Steady Job reveals a self-portrait of Italian society groaning from unstable employment and regional disparities.​ (DMZ Docs 2022)


Children of the Mist by Diem Ha Le – Vietnam | 2021

Di is a 13-year-old Homong girl living in a village lost in the mist of North Vietnamese mountains. Despite being the first generation to receive education, she cannot escape from the custom still remains in her tribe: the bride kid-napping. The film follows Di who is eventually kidnapped by a boy her age and captures the moment when a beautiful and precarious childhood disappears with the tension between traditional and modern ways of life.​ (DMZ Docs)


Disturbed Earth by Kumjana Novakova, Guillermo Carreras-Candi – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, North Macedonia | 2021

The land where the largest massacre of civilians occurred since World War II. The scars of the Bosnian civil war still remain in Srebrenica. The pain of the past seeps into every landscape layer by layer. It is seen not only in the abandoned buildings or factories along the river, but also in those who remain there. Disturbed Earth captures the landscapes, sounds of Srebrenica and interviews with survivors and reminds us that Srebrenica is reality of today and reality of our own with. (DMZ Docs 2022)


Eami by Paz Encina – Paraguay, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Germany, France, Netherlands | 2022

The Ayoreo Totoviegosode, an indigenous people in Paraguay. The people, who have been surrounded by trees and animals without contact with the outside world for centuries, are being deprived of their homes due to rapid deforestation. Director Paz Encina weaves the myth, history, and reality of the Ayoreo to create a story of a girl who wanders the ravaged plains, leaving her ruined villages and communities behind. Eami is the story of a girl whose name means forest and the world in the native language of Ayoero.​ (DMZ Docs 2022)

For Your Peace of Mind Make Your Own Museum by Ana Endara Mislov, Pilar Moreno – Panama | 2021

The spirit of an old woman hovers in a village in Panama. Her name is Senovia Cerrud. She is an amateur artist who runs the museum of antiquities of all species. After turning her house into a museum full of her writings, works, and imagination, she left her last wish. Leave everything here as it is. And the directors of For Your Peace of Mind Make Your Own Museum search for a way for her and her world to stay for eternity. (DMZ Docs 2022)


Mutzenbacher by Ruth Beckermann – Austria | 2022

Josephine Mutzenbacher, or The Story of a Viennese Whore, as Told by Herself is a famous pornographic novel published in Austria at the early 20th century. Director Ruth Beckermann publishes a casting advertisement in newspapers for a movie based on the novel. “Recruiting men from 16 to 99 years old.” Over a hundred applicants gathered. The film explores the complex experiences and sensations of sexuality and sex, watching the reactions of men reading excerpts from the novel that has long been at the center of controversy.​ (DMZ Docs 2022)


Nasim by Ole Jacobs, Arne Buttner – Germany | 2022

Nasim left Afghanistan with her family to escape from war and discrimination. She traveled through Iran to Europe’s largest refugee camp, Moria, on the Greek island of Lesbos. She wants a divorce due to marital discord, but it is not an easy decision to make for someone who wanders around with no stability. Would there be a way outside Moria? Another hardship comes for her who is struggling to somehow find hope. Massive fire breaks out at the refugee camp. The camera follows her at the crossroads. (DMZ Docs 2022)


Tales of the Purple House by Abbas Fahdel – Iraq, Lebanon | 2022

Abbas Fahdel, director of Homeland: Iraq Year Zero lives in a house in the South of Lebanon with his wife, the painter Nour Ballouk. From their ‘Purple House’, the two begin to explore the reality of Lebanon, which seems to be on the edge of the abyss. The director and painter, who look at the multifaceted daily life of a complex society from their own perspective, capture the hope and pain that coexist in Lebanon. The result is a heavy reflection on art and society.​ (DMZ Docs 2022)


The Treasures of Crimea by Oeke Hoogendijk – Netherlands | 2021

In 2014, the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam displayed a collection of showpieces from Crimean museums. When Russia annexed Crimea, problems no one had expected arose. Should the Crimean showpieces be returned to Ukraine? Or to Russia? As the two countries claim ownership of the pieces, museum curators find themselves in a dilemma. In a Dutch courtroom, a trial is held over the artifacts that do no know where to go. (DMZ Docs 2022)


Ultraviolette and the Blood-Spitters Gang by Robin Hunzinger – France | 2021 – 74 minutes

In the mid-1920s, Emma and Marcelle meet at school and their love secretly blossomed. As Marcelle gets tuberculosis however, the two girls parted ways. Over 100 years later, director Robin Hunzinger discovers the letters that his deceased grandmother has carefully preserved. The letters Marcelle sent to Emma who was admitted to a sanatorium. The film combines archive footage, avant-garde films, and music to bring to life the passion and vitality of the two girls.


We, Students! by Rafiki Fariala – Central African Republic, France, Democratic Republic of Congo, Saudi Arabia – 2022

Nestor, Aaron, Benjamin and Rafiki study economics at the University of Bangui in the Central African Republic. The four friends contemplate their reality and future as they struggle in an environment rampant with poor facilities, corruption and incompetence. Rafiki holds the camera and captures everyday life of himself and his friends. His portraits of young people in the Central African Republic do not consist solely of frustration. It also contains the dreams and passions of young people for a better future. (DMZ Docs 2022)


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