24th Seoul International Women’s Film Festival – Awards 2022

These are the winners of the Seoul International Women’s Film Festival, which took place from August 25 until September 1, 2022 in Seoul, Korea.

Discover Section

Best Director

Inés Alves for Waters of Pastaza – Portugal | 2022

In the Amazon rainforest, children share a deep connection with nature. Between the waters of the Pastaza River and the top of the trees, they go about their lives almost autonomously but with a strong sense of community. (SIWFF 2022)

Special Jury Prize

Carajita by Silvina Schnicer and Ulises Porra – Dominican Republic, Argentina | 2021

Sara and her nanny Yarisa have a relationship that transcends class and race. They are practically daughter and mother, but an accident will test their bond and their hope to never say goodbye. (SIWFF 2022)

Best Feature

The Apartment with Two Women by Kim Se-in – Korea |2021

Su-gyeong and I-jeong, mother and daughter, have little affection for one another. When Su-gyeong’s car rushes toward I-jeong in a parking lot, I-jeong does not believe her mother’s claim that it was an accident. I-jeong pursues an apology from Su-gyeong for not just that incident but for her entire life. (SIWFF 2022)

I-Teen Section

Grand Prize

Diversity by Park Hyejin, Kim Gyurim, and Kim Minkyo – Koirea | 2021

In a story about teen queers, Noraeng, Ttolchu, and Boksoon look for others like them and learn about each other’s existence. We are the same but different, but also different but the same. (SIWFF 2022)

Excellence Prize

Actually, there is a Ghost in the Movie Theater by Kim Nara – Korea | 2022

A nineteen-year-old ghost named Haneul lives in a movie theater. She teases moviegoers to pass the time. One day, a new film is screened. Haneul is intrigued and starts to watch it. (SIWFF 2022)

Asian Shorts Section

Grand Prize

Aurora by Lee Hyunkyung – Korea | 2021

A day in Hanul’s life in Seoul. If one shows patience without giving up hope, at the end of a dark time there will surely come an exceptionally clear sky. May the aurora rise in your sky someday as well! (SIWFF 2022)

Special Mention

I’m not a Robot by Kang Yesol – Korea | 2022

In an American city, there is an accident involving an autonomous car. A 3D simulation expert is commissioned to recreate the scene of the accident. (SIWFF 2022)

Return to Sender by Yoo Jaein – Korea | 2021

Jiyoung, a post office worker, writes poems in her spare time. One day, she spots an envelope at work. With a handwritten, outdated postal code and address, the envelope looks familiar to her. She returns it to its sender, but soon after the same envelope arrives again. (SIWFF 2022)

Excellence Prize

Persona by Moon Sujin – Korea | 2020

The process of being eroded by Persona. (SIWFF 2022)

BNP Paribas Excellence Prize

Left Handed by Nasrin Mohammadpour – Iran | 2021

Maryam is a 38-year-old woman, the head of a family of four. She decides to do something. (SIWFF 2022)

Audience Award

I’m not a Robot by Kang Yesol – Korea | 2022

13th Pitch & Catch Project Pitching

My First Funeral by Lee Eun-hye
To survive as a lesbian in Korea, a woman decides to hold her funeral now. I challenge the funeral culture of Korea so that my female partner can become a permanent resident and finish my funeral well! You are invited to the funeral of a strange lesbian! (SIWFF 2022)

Pitch & Catch Award
The Journey to Gyeongju by Kim Mi-jo
Ok-sil goes on a family trip to Gyeongju with their three daughters, Jang-ju, Yeong-ju, and Dong-ju. The image of them recalled while wearing a matching family group T-shirt is the appearance of a mother and three daughters in harmony. However, there is a man in the trunk of their car. A family trip of three days and two nights of four mothers and daughters, a little unusual, no, a murder trip. (SIWFF 2022)

Post Fin Award
Kintusugi by Lim Ji-soo
Can a vessel that has already been shattered be put back together? (SIWFF 2022)

Velocity Award
I am Happy by Shin Seung-eun
Moon Haet-nim, who has a bright personality like sun, is diagnosed with depression at a psychiatric hospital that accidentally followed his friend. But she never accepts it. She embarks on a journey into the past for infidelity. (SIWFF 2022)

Megabox Awward
Manok by Lee Yu-jin
Man-ok, who ran a lesbian-only restaurant in Bomun-dong. After her father’s death, having inherited her hometown house, she returns to Ivan-ri with her same-sex lover Guem-ja. However, the sabotage of Ivan-ri ‘s village head, his ex-husband, and in addition, Man-ok faces her hometown, which is still exclusive and full of prejudice. In order to change her hometown, Ivan-ri, Man-ok challenges her village head. (SIWFF 2022)

Ock Rang Award
Green Concrete by Lee Sung-min
There is a green island in the concrete ruins. The Metasequoia Forest Trail remains like an island in the middle of the Gaepo Jugong Apartment Complex. How did these trees become the only ones left in the reconstruction complex where all the trees were felled?  (SIWFF 2022)

Audience Award
Homeless Girl by Yun Sim-kyoung
Young-sun (15), abandoned by her adoptive parents and in need of a place to stay, joins Su-ah’s house as a tennis training partner. Young-sun wants to stay in the house for a long time and become a family, but it is not easy for him to fully enter the people who live in conflict. (SIWFF 2022)

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