14th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival – Opening Film 2022

Keep Stepping directed by Luke Cornish will open the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, which will take place from September 22 – 29, 2022 in Paju and Goyang, South Korea.

Keep Stepping by Luke Cornish – Australia | 2022 – 91 minutes

Keep Stepping is a documentary about street dancers centered around Destructive Steps, Australia’s largest street dance competition and the rivalry between its contestants. The film follows contests per dance category, and the story of the two contestants form the body of the narrative. The two contestants are both immigrants: Gabi was born to Chilean-New Zealand parents, and Patricia is a break dancer from Romania. Agendicizing women, immigrants, minority, and youth, the film is a moving portrayal of the quiet efforts of people who strongly believe in the power of the subculture of street dance and train themselves through the friendly competition.

The young founder of Korean descent, Jo One, the staff, and street dancers from far and near show a completely different way of competition and coexistence from those of the world who split sides and attack each other. Recently in Korea, Street Woman Fighter, an audition program that highlights female street dancers such as Gabi and Patricia in Keep Stepping, became a huge syndrome. A well-known waacking dancer LIP J from the show served as a judge at Destructive Steps. The title Keep Stepping sounds like a spell to encourage those who have gone through a long tunnel of poverty, contempt, and perseverance to keep going without ceasing. After winning her category, Gabi gives her final dance at the showcase, which turns the story of women full of dreams, anguish, energy, swag, and passion into the story of anyone who is struggling for a better tomorrow. (DMZ Docs 2022)


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