Malaysia Golden Global Awards – Winners 2022

We present the winners of the Malaysia Golden Global Awards which took place on July 16, 2022 at the Istana Budaya, in Kuala Lumpur.

Best Film

Drowning in Holy Water by Navid Mahmoudi – Iran, Afghanistan | 2020

A young Afghan couple is trying to leave Afghanistan and to exile to Europe from Afghanistan in a hope to find a better life. To execute this plan, they first illegally arrive in Iran by bus. He stays in the residence of another Afghan friend who is already in Tehran and is ready to move to Turkey. But finally, they realize that they need convincing reasons to move from Turkey to Europe and be recognized as refugees. Eventually, she tries to convert from Islam to Catholicism, but there are even greater problems and dangers. (FilmAffinity)


New Hope Award

White Building by Kavich Neang – Cambodia, France, China, Qatar | 2021

The White Building was built in the 1960s as affordable housing for the growing population of Phnom Penh. Since then, the paint has fallen off, and demolition is looming. Young Samnang wants to pursue his dream of becoming a hip-hop dancer while his father is trying to negotiate better compensations for residents willing to leave. The director has understanding for the community he himself grew up in. – Jenni Peisa


Best Actress

Laure Calamy for her role in Full Time (dir. Eric Gravel) – France | 2021

Julie finally gets an interview for a job where she can raise her children better only to run into a national transit strike. (FilmAffinity)


Best Actors

Arif Shaikh & Asik Shaikh for their role in Two Friends (Dostojee) (dir. Prasun Chatterjee)
India | 2021

Set in West Bengal in 1993, two young eight year olds become concerned with the growing tension between Hindu and Muslim communities in India. Their friendship is threatened by societal divisions and the two boys must find a way to overcome the hatred they are taught to have of each other. With its lead cast of non-professional actors, Two Friends presents an authentic and challenging story well worth witnessing. (UK Asian Film Festival 2022)


Best Supporting Actor

Kim Hyun-Bin for her role in The Silent Forest (dir. Ko Chen-nien) – Taiwan | 2020

A hearing-impaired boy transfers to a school for children with special needs. But his excitement about blending into a new environment immediately turns into fear when he witnesses the reality happening in the school (IMDb).


Best Supporting Actress

Afia Jahin Jaima for her role in Rehana (dir. Abdullah Mohammad Saad) – Bangladesh | 2021 (not in picture)

Rehana is an assistant professor at a medical college. One evening, she witnesses a student storm out of a male professor’s office, crying. She begins to wonder what happened. Soon after, she receives a complaint about her daughter’s behaviour from the school. Rehana begins to spiral out of control as she tries to seek justice for both this student and her daughter. (UK Asian Film Festival 2022)


Best Screenplay

Muzzamer Rahman for Hail, Driver!– Malaysia | 2020

Aman, a young writer, moves to Kuala Lumpur to follow his dreams. However, he struggles to find a job and, due to his colour blindness, is forced to become an illegal e-hailing driver, where he meets the mysterious Bella. (Netflix Asia)


Best Cinematography

Lim Teck Siang for his work in Whether the Weather is Fine (dir. Carlo Francisco Manatad) – Philippines, France, Singapore, Indonesia, Germany, Qatar | 2021

Determined to flee to the big city after Typhoon Haiyan ravages a coastal town, Miguel searches for his mother Norma and his beloved Andrea before another storm approaches. (JeonjuIFF 2022)


Audience Choice Award

The Story of Southern Islet by Chong Keat-aun – Malaysia | 2020

After a dispute with his neighbour, Cheong is struck with a mysterious illness that defies scientific explanation. Suspecting that he has fallen under a curse, his wife searches desperately for a cure, even turning to miracle workers and a shaman for help. Writer-director Chong Keat-aun applies his expertise and childhood memories to his feature debut, a visually arresting and fascinating magical realist tale that transcends genre constraints. Best New Director, Golden Horse Awards. (HKIFF 2021)


Lifetime Achievement Award

Mr. Kim Dong-Ho

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