Cinema Jove – Valencia International Film Festival – Asian Presence

We present the Asian films that will be screened at the Cinema Jove – Valencia International Film Festival which will take place from June 24 to July 2, 2022 in Valencia, Spain.

Feature Films Official Section

Happiness (Baqyt) by Askar Uzabayev – Kazakhstan | 2022 – 131 minutes

For her job as an influencer, she wears orange and a broad smile. The “Happiness” brand is her doctrine, but her home is a dark place where brute force has ruled for years. This film shows us what it costs to escape the trap of misogyny. (Cinema Jove 2022)

Screening Dates:
June 25, 2022 | Saturday | La Filmoteca | 22:30 pm
June 27, 2022 | Monday | La Filmoteca | 20:00 pm


Jet Lag by Zheng Lu Xinyuan – China | 2022 – 111 minutes

A personal essay film shot on ravishing DV moves between different times and places with a perambulating logic: a travelogue of quarantine and family journey that draws lines between Graz, China and Myanmar as well as intimacy, memory and politic. (Cinema Jove)

Screening Dates:
July 1, 2022 | Friday | Teatro Principal | 00:00 am


Rehana by Abdullah Mohammad Saad – Bangladesh, Qatar, Singapore | 2021 – 107 minutes

Rehana, an assistant professor at a medical college, struggles to keep the harmony between work and family. One day, she witnesses a student storming out of a professor’s office, crying. Deeply impacted by this event, Rehana’s life starts to spiral out of control just as she receives a complaint from the school about her six-year-old daughter’s unusual behaviour. Rehana refuses to accept the madness of the patriarchal society she lives in and will put everything at stake, in order to find justice for her student and her daughter. (Cinema Jove 2022)

Screening Dates:
June 30, 2022 | Thursday | La Filmoteca | 11:30 am
July 1, 2022 | Friday | La Filmoteca | 20:00 pm


Small, Slow, But Steady by Sho Miyake – Japan | 2022 – 99 minutes

Keiko, a young pro boxer, was born with a hearing impairment. Boxing is a real challenge for her, but the club she belongs to is like a second home. After winning two difficult fights, a creeping fear begins to grow inside her. The club chairman, the only person who had accepted her as a boxer, is plagued by health issues and is losing his eyesight. Having learned that the gym is about to close for good, a confused Keiko goes on to her third bout. But perhaps the biggest challenge she faces is trying to understand the true nature and strength of her will to fight. (Cinema Jove 2022)

Screening Dates:
July 1, 2022 | Friday | Teatro Principal | 00:00 am


Short Films Official Section

Destination Paradise by Eshaan Rajadhyaksha
Czech Republic, Germany, India, Italy | 2022 – 20 minutes

An illegal Indian immigrant, on his way to his ‘paradisiacal’ destination, finds himself stuck on a farm in the Czech countryside. He builds an unlikely friendship with his caretaker, who himself is a Ukrainian immigrant. Seeing another immigrant’s struggles, he realizes, that maybe there’s no such thing as a paradise at the end of the road. (Cinema Jove 2022)

It’s Raining Frogs Outside by Maria Estela Paiso – Philippines | 2021 – 14 minutes

The world is about to end. Maya is forced to go home to her hometown. There, she must confront a house that terrorizes her as frogs rain outside. (Cinema Jove 2022)

Sound of the Night by Chanrado SOk, Kongkea Vann – Cambodia | 2021 – 30 minutes

Vibol and his brother, Kea sell noodles on a motorized cart every night on the streets of Phnom Penh. They often face troublesome threats from gangsters and thieves, even as those very people remain their only customers. As the city is growing around them, they reconsider their unstable income and imagine a different future. (Cinema Jove 2022)

Strawberry Cheesecake by Siyou Tan – Singapore | 2021 – 9 minutes

In Singapore, where even vapes are illegal, three rebellious schoolgirls are caught smoking by the principal. Their revenge prank takes a sinister turn. (Cinema Jove 2022)

The Water Murmurs by Story Chen – China | 2022 – 15 minutes

When an asteroid hits the Earth, underwater volcanic eruptions risk submerging a riverside town and the inhabitants start to flee inland. The day before leaving, Nia says goodbye to a childhood friend but on her way she crosses paths with some of the town’s residents. Gradually, her memories of the town star to become clearer and clearer in her mind. (Cinema Jove 2022)

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