40th CAAMFest – Opening Film

Free Chol Soo Lee by Eugene Yi and Julie Ha will open the 40th CAAMFEST which will take place from May 12 – 22, 2022 in San Francisco, California, USA.

Free Chol Soo Lee by Eugene Yi and Julie Ha – Korea, USA | 2022 – 83 minutes | Documentary

In 1973, Korean immigrant Chol Soo Lee was wrongfully convicted of a gangland murder in San Francisco Chinatown. It was unfortunate happenstance for Lee, a self-described “young street punk,” that led witnesses to identify him as the killer—witnesses, who, turned out to be Caucasian tourists and assumed “all Asians looked alike.” As word spread about Lee’s conviction, it brought passionately radical Asian Americans banned together with conservative Korean immigrants. This landmark movement of pan-Asian solidarity helped to free Lee after 10 years in prison. However, was an unexpected icon ready for the outside world after his time on Death Row?

Screening Dates:
May 12, 2022 | Thursday | The Castro Theatre | 6:30 pm
May 12, 2022 | Thursday | Asian Art Museum | 9:30 pm (OPENING NIGHT GALA)

For more information please visit:

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