23rd Jeonju International Film Festival – Closing Film

Full Time by Eric Gravel will close the Jeonju International Film Festival (Korea) which will take place from April 28 – May 7, 2022.

About the festival:
Launched in 2000, Jeonju IFF is now recognized as Mecca of independent film festival of Asia and the widest window of avant-garde cinema around the world. While you can find latest waves of Korean independent scene in Korean Film Competition, International Competition introduces new talents across the world and showing the potential of new cinematic aesthetics. A number of new, rising filmmakers have been introduced to the world stage by Jeonju IFF and it resulted in that the awardees of Jeonju IFF have been critically acclaimed by international film festivals scene. The directors with the Grand Prize include Suwa Nobuhiro, Apichatpong Weerasrtakul, LiuJia-yin , Denis Cote, YING Liang, Matías Piñeiro and Sherad Anthony Sanchez.

– Closing Film –

Full Time by Eric Gravel – France | 2021 – 87 minutes | Asian Premiere

Julie goes to great lengths to raise her two children in the countryside while keeping her job in a Parisian luxury hotel. When she finally gets a job interview for a position she had long been hoping for, a national strike breaks out, paralyzing the public transport system. The fragile balance that Julie has established is jeopardized. Julie then sets off on a frantic race against time, at the risk of faltering. (JeonjuIFF 2022)


About the director:
A French Canadian screenwriter and director living in France for the past 20 years. He made many short films within the international film movement Kino before making his feature debut in 2017 with the French film Crash Test Aglaé (2017). Full Time is his second feature film.

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