3 Docs you shouldn’t miss at the 15th Film Festival for Women’s Rights

These are 3 documentaries you shouldn’t miss at the 15th Film Festival for Women’s Rights which will take place from December 8th – 12th 2021, at the CGV Arthouse Apgujeong, Seoul.

Coming to You by Gyu-ri Byun – Korea | 2021 – 93 minutes

Firefighter Nabi one day hears her child Hangyeol coming out. “I want to have breasts removed.” Meanwhile, flight attendant and working mom Vivian weeps over Yejun’s letter that begins, “Mom, I’m gay.” Before the two mothers can fully understand their children’s identity, Hangyeol and Yejun begin to confide in the real problems they faced. Another new world of women who are mothers in their 50s who take up new challenges in the face of their children’s coming out. (DMZDocs 2021)

Screening Dates:
December 11th, 2021 | Saturday | ART 1 | 18:20 pm
December 12th, 2021 | Sunday | ART 2 | 14:55 pm

Comfort by Emmanuel Moonchil Park – Korea | 2020 – 74 minutes

KIM Soonak was a survivor of Japanese military sexual slavery. After the war, she engaged in prostitution, US camptown sex trade, and also worked as a maid. Weaving interviews of activists, archive footage, animation, and the recital of testimonies, the film reconstructs the life stories of the late KIM Soonak.

Screening Date:
December 11th, 2021 | Saturday | ART 2 | 14:20 pm

Kim Jong-boon of Wangshimni by Kim Jin-yeul – Korea | 2021 – 102 minutes

“I do whatever I please for the rest of my life” Jong-boon, 83 this year, is a street vendor in Wangshimni. She lived as a street vendor in Wangshimni for over 50 years. Jong-boon, who used to feed and clothe his children with the earnings from the street stalls, is now enjoying the twilight of her life without worrying about feeding her children with. In the late afternoon, friends gather at Jong-boon’s stall. Jong-boon and friends trim chives, steam corns, and bake rice cakes. Trot songs flow in the stall and the story of Jong-boon’s Thug Life’ goes on.

Screening Date:
December 12th, 2021 | Saturday | ART 1 | 16:25 pm

To know more about the festival go to:

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