20 Films you shouldn’t miss at the 22nd Jeonju International Film Festival (Part 1)

These are twenty films that you shouldn’t miss at the 22nd Jeonju International Film Festival which will take place both-in-theatre and online from April 29th until May 8th (2021), in Jeonju, South Korea.

Selected Films:

Aftermath by Kim Jinhyuk – Korea | 2021 – 174 minutes | Documentary
Section: Korean Cinema

The Special Investigation Committee, which was created to punish pro-Japanese, was destroyed due to the interference of the Rhee Syngman administration. Since then, the Committee’s Investigators and their descendants live a painful life in the bondage of poverty and ideology. (JIFF 2021)

Aloners by Hong Sung-eun – Korea | 2021 – 91 minutes | Fiction
Section: Korean Competition

Jina is the top employee at a credit card company call center. She avoids building close relationships, choosing instead to live and work alone. One day, her irritating next-door neighbor who would attempt to talk with her is discovered dead, several days after having died alone in his apartment. Jina is shaken and turns on the home camera installed at her mother’s house a long time ago. (JIFF 2021)

Awoke by Jung Jae-ik, Seo Tae-soo – Korea | 2020 – 97 minutes | Fiction
Section: Korean Competition

Jaegi, who has lived the life of a disabled person due to a traffic accident, is judged as Level 5 at the first grade screening. Jaegi strives to become a severely disabled person, but the situation is getting more difficult. (JIFF 2021)

Coming to you by Byun Gyuri – Korea | 2021 – 93 minutes | Documentary
Section: Korean Competiton

Nabi, a veteran fire officer, accepts the coming out from her child Hankyeol, “I want to remove my breasts.” Meanwhile, Vivian, a flight crew, receives a letter from her son Yejoon, “Mom, I’m gay.” Hankyeol and Yejoon confide in their struggles even before the two mothers understand their reality. (JIFF 2021)

Coronation by Ai Weiwei – Germany | 2020 – 114 minutes | Documentary
Section: Special Focus, Corona, New Normal

A documentary film by Ai Weiwei about the lockdown in Wuhan, China, during the COVID-19 outbreak in spring 2020. It records the state’s militarized response and the political specter of Chinese state control. Filming was done by ordinary citizens living in Wuhan. (JIFF 2021)

Fan Girl by Antoinette Jadaone – Philippines | 2020 – 101 minutes | Fiction
Section: World Cinema

Section: World Cinema An obsessed teenage fan finds herself inside a mansion with her celebrity idol she thought she knew and learns exactly why they say never meet your heroes. (JIFF 2021)

Genus Pan by Lav Diaz – Philippines | 2020 – 158 minutes | Fiction
Section: Masters

Three illegal miners journey back to their island after months of toiling in hellish conditions. With their hard-earned money, they traverse the sea, the mountains, and the forest until they reach their destination. Or did they really reach their cursed place? (JIFF 2021)

Influenza by Hwang Junha – Korea | 2021 – 73 minutes | Fiction
Section: Korean Competition

A new virus (a.k.a “fantomal virus”) is transmitted to a small rural village. Dasol, a three-month nurse working in the village hospital, is being workplace bullying (a.k.a “burned”). In the meantime, Dasol begins to educate a new nurse Eunbi earlier than expected due to the poor ward situation. (JIFF 2021)

Kim Min-young of the Report Card by Lee Jae-eun, Lim Jisun – Korea | 2021 – 94 minutes | Fiction
Section: Korean Competition

20-year-old Jeonghee doesn´t go to college and works part-time. She goes to meet Minyoung, her old high school roommate, for the first time in a while and wants to play with her as before. However, Minyoung, a college student, is busy sending correction emails for her credits and feels uncomfortable by Jeonghee´s visit. (JIFF 2021)

My Son by Choe Equan – Korea | 2020 – 119 minutes | Fiction
Section: Korean Cinema

Normal is relative. A father, taking care of the 19-year-old handicapped son who declares his independence. He can´t take nor turn down his son who wants to live like a normal person for at least one day. (JIFF 2021)

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