38th Busan International Short Film Festival – Finalists announced

The organizers of the Busan International Short Film Festival (South Korea) announced the entries for this year’s festival which will take place from April 21st – 26th, 2021 in Busan, Korea.

This year the festival received 596 Korean entries and 2,408 international short films from 109 countries. The selection committee consisted of 20 members, 15 Korean and 5 from abroad. The final line up is consisted of 20 Korean and 40 International Films.

This year many international submissions deal with issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some films shown the cause by the pandemic and reported how individuals dealt with it. Others tried to interpret the repercussions of the pandemic. On the other hand Korean submissions covered realistic social issues, such as violence, patriarchy and economic inequality.

Korean Competition:
A Christmas Present by Kim Sungkyu – South Korea
A Student by Lee Miji – South Korea
After the Rain by Song Hyeonju – South Korea
Before the Summer Passes by Kim Sohyoung– South Korea
Blood Ties by Wang Heesong – South Korea
Georgia by Jayil Pak – South Korea
God’s Daughter Dances by Byun Sungbin – South Korea
Godspeed by Park Syeyoung – South Korea
Moonshine by Yoon Sangjun – South Korea
Rats in the House by Hong Yeoni – South Korea
Salvia at Nine by Jang Nari – South Korea
Sister by Na Han – South Korea
Snail by Kim Taeyang – South Korea
Some Errors of the Construction-universe by Park Koonje – South Korea
Stubborn by Jang Hyunho – South Korea
Sura by Jung Haeji – South Korea
Unknown Morning by Kang Jisook – South Korea
Unpot by Park Huieun – South Korea
Watch Your Back by Seok Jaeseung – South Korea
We Bloom by Kim Yulhee – South Korea

International Competition:
ADA by David Williamson – Belgium
Al-Sit by Suzannah Mirghani – Sudan
Before the Typhoon Comes by Chen Yun – China
Bella by Thelyia Petraki – Greece
Bethlehem 2001 by Ibrahim Handal – Palestine
Blue Fear by Marie Jacotey, Lola Halifa-Legrand – France
Careful by Alice Saey – France
Carnivore by Amirhossein Mohseni – Iran
Chuj Boys of Summer by Max Walker-Silverman – USA
Conversations at the End of Life by Fabienne Koch – Switzerland
E14 by Peiman Zekavat – UK
Girls shouldn’t Walk Alone at Night by Katerine Martineau – Canada
Good Thanks, You? by Molly Manning Walker – UK
Harmonia by Thom Lunshof – The Netherlands
Human Walkers in Montion by Ehtann Néon – Belgium
I am afraid to forget your face by Sameh Alaa – Egypt
I’m here by Julia Orlik – Poland
La Espera by Danilo Do Campo, Jakob Krese – Germany, Brazil, Netherlands
Menarca by Lillah Hall – Brazil
Monsters Never Know by Ming Yang – China
The News by Lorin Terezi – Albania
Old Born by Jordan De Deken – Belgium
Our Hearts Beat Like War by Elinor Nechemya – Israel
The Owl by Simon Pontén, Joakim Behramn – Sweden
Pain by Anna Rose Duckworth – New Zealand
The Passer by by Pieter Coudyzer – Belgium
Pilar by Yngwie Boley, J.J. Epping, Diana van Houten – The Netherlands
Private View by Theo Lindquist – USA
Push This Button If You Begin to Panic by Gabriel Böhmer – UK
Return to Toyama by Atsushi Hirai – France, Japan
Routine: The Prohibition by Sam Orti – Spain
Son of Sodom by Theo Montoya – Colombia
There by Yu Fen Wu – Taiwan
To Sonny by Federico Spiazzi, Maggie Briggs – USA
Unliveable by Matheus Farias, Enock Carvalho – Brazil
Urban Sphinx by Maria Lorenzo – Spain
The Voice Break Choir by Ina Holmqvist, Martina Carlstedt – Sweden
The Void of Maws by Mauricio Maldonado – Colombia
When You Hear the Divine Call by Festus Toll – The Netherlands
Your Kids by Nelson Foix – France

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About the festival:
Founded in 1980, the Busan International Short Film Festival launched with the aim of creating the film-making friendly environment and finding talented film professionals. It has introduced many different kinds of films, including 8mm and independent films made by students and general public. Many young talents in those days are now taking the lead in the Korean cinema. The BISFF has been introducing short films and cultures of the Guest Country. In addition to the competition section, various sections have given audience the chances to see the trend in a short film in the world and to guess its future.

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