Call for Entry

Human Rights Art & Film Festival – Call for Entry 2021

The Human Rights Art & Film Festival (Australia) is accepting Human Rights related films until December 31st, 2020. Here you can find more information about their call for entry.

About the festival:
The Human Rights Arts & Film Festival (HRAFF) is a not-for-profit arts organization dedicated to cultivating a vibrant human rights community, culture and conversation in Australia. Their aim is to celebrate, support and motivate social justice through creativity. Their mission is to use the momentum and universal language of art and film to compel reflection and action, creating an ecosystem of people and organizations that champion change. And their vision is a vibrant and equitable human rights community, culture and conversation in Australia.

What is a human rights film?
A Human Rights film is premised on the concept that we all share a universal humanity that is inherently worthy of dignity and respect. It does not necessarily need to address a particular right or convention nor does it necessarily need to be legalistic.

What exactly is HRAFF looking for?
HRAFF is looking for diverse, innovative and creative responses to human rights. We want films that inspire and engage audiences. In particular, HRAFF is seeking films that creatively and artistically engage with the field of human rights and explore the complexities of human existence in the context of political and social structures. It is also important that the films are accessible to a festival going audience and have a high degree of technical excellence.

General Rules:
– Submitted films must engage in some way with human rights and social justice issues.
– The festival accepts short films under 30 minutes and feature films over 30 minutes.
– Films should have been produced in the last two years (2019-2020)
– The festival accepts all kind of genres (documentaries, narratives, animation, music video, essay films, comedy, horror, sci-fi, adventure and experimental) but they should approach human rights.
– Films that exist primarily to promote or market a particular NGO or organization will not be screened.
– Films screened in Australia via film festivals, television, cinema, home video release or VOD/Online, are less likely to be selected.
– Important: By submitting you grants to the HRAFF a non-exclusive limited licence which permits HRAFF to communicate the Film on screen to the public for the following purposes; The 2021 festival and other activity conducted or sponsored by the HRAFF for a period of 24 months after the conclusion of the 2021. See the rules and regulations section for more information.
Submission Fees: Short Films ($ 21 USD | $ 18 USD for students) & Feature Films ($35 USD | $ 32 USD for students)
Submission Deadline: December 31st, 2020
Notification Date: February 26th, 2021

We recommend filmmakers to read the full Rules and Regulations here:

We remind readers that the Human Rights Art & Film Festival will take place from April 22nd until May 2nd (2021) in various cities in Australia.

To see other Call for Entries please follow the next link: “Call for Entries”.

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