8 Films you shouldn’t miss at the 9th Project K – Korean Film Festival Frankfurt

These are 8 films you shouldn’t miss at the 9th Project K – Korean Film Festival Frankfurt, which will take place online from November 18th – 30th (2020)* Films will be available only for people located in Germany*

How to watch the films online:
– You must be in Germany.
– Each day movies will be activated at a certain time and will then be available for 24hrs as a stream/video at VIMEO.
– Rental for one movie will be 3,99 Euro. Please note that each movie will be available for 24hrs after scheduled activation. “Best Of Project K“ movies from the last 8 years will be accessible free of charge by entering a code. The festival supporting cultural program will be provided for free.
– You can contact the festival organizers at info(at)

The complete schedule can be seen here:

Recommended Films:

Another Child by Kim Yun-seok – Korea | 2019 – 96 minutes

Another Child tells the story of two high school girls and their families, who are at the verge of breaking apart. 17-year-old Joo-ri discovers that her father is having an affair with a restaurant owner who happens to be the mother of her classmate Yoon-ah. Even worse, it turns out Yoo-ah’s mother is expecting. Afraid that her family might be torn apart, Joo-ri keeps quiet about her father’s infidelity. But sooner or later her mother finds out and things start to spiral out of control for all the people involved.

Veteran actor KIM Yoon-Seok, known for his award-winning roles in movies such as The Chaser and 1987: When the Day Comes debuts as director in Another Child, a compelling character drama that draws on KIM’s many years of on-set experience, to create unique genuine characters.

Screening Date: November 30th, 2020 (Monday) | 18:00 pm *Available for 24 hours*


Baseball Girl by Choi Yun-tae – Korea | 2020 – 105 minutes

It is Soo-in’s dream to be the first woman to join a professional baseball team. But despite her efforts and her great talent, the male members of her high school team seem to surpass her. What’s more, her family, coach, and simple living conditions stand in her way. But she refuses to give up and is determined to prove that professional baseball is not reserved to men.

CHOI Yun-tae, the director of this independent film, was inspired by an interview with a female baseball player and managed to craft visually impressive scenes despite the small budget. The actress LEE Joo-young, known from popular dramas such as Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo and Itaewon Class, plays her second leading role after the independent hit Maggie and delivers a thrilling and nuanced performance on the big screen.

Screening Date: November 20th, 2020 (Friday) | 18:00 pm *Available for 24 hours *


Kim Ji-young Born, 1982 by Kim Do-young – 2019 – 118 minutes

Based on the bestseller with the same name, this film tells the story of KIM Ji-young who was born in 1982: KIM Ji-young is married and used to work at a PR agency, but in order to take care of her daughter, she quit. At first glance her life seems ordinary, but suddenly Ji-young’s behavior changes; she seems stressed, apathetic and appears to adopt other people’s personalities.

The movie Kim Ji-young, Born 1982 is based on a novel with the same title written by the novelist CHO Nam-joo. The focus is on a woman growing up in a conservative patriarchal society fighting sexism and discrimination. In addition, the novel addresses the issue of depression due to certain role expectations. The name KIM Ji-young is representative of young women in contemporary South Korea, thus making it a symbol for Korean women and their fight against discrimination and sexism. The novel and the movie encouraged many Koreans to debate heatedly about their view of women and expectations towards them. (Project-K 2020)

Screening Date: November 19th, 2020 (Thursday) | 20:00 pm *Available for 24 hours *


Lucky Chan-sil by Kim Cho-hee – Korea | 2020 – 95 minutes

“I gave my life to film and now the only thing left is my screwed life!”. After a sudden death of the director she worked with for a long time, a film producer Chan-sil is now unemployed. Jobless and moneyless, she begins to work as a cleaning lady at an actress’ place. By chance, she meets a young man who teaches French to the actress. Chan-sil is strongly attracted to him while her old anxieties begin to emerge; her already- gone-youth, screwed love, and broken career…

Screening Date: November 21st, 2020 (Saturday) | 22:00 pm *Available for 24 hours*


Maggie by Yi Ok-seop – Korea | 2018 – 88 minutes

In a hospital in Seoul, someone secretly takes an X-ray image of two people having sex. The nurse Yoon-young fears that it might be her and her boyfriend Sung-won and prepares to resign. When she enters the hospital the next day, however, she realizes that the whole staff except for the chief physician LEE K yung-jin have called in sick. Together they set off to investigate the absence of their colleagues.

In several slow-paced and often absurdly funny episodes, well-known director YI Ok-seop presents her debut feature Maggie. The movie tells the story about young adults searching for purpose and meaning in a world of steadily increasing uncertainty. Together with co-writer KOO Kyo-hwan – who also plays Yoon-young’s slacker boyfriend Sung-won – YI managed to create a visually exciting independent film that manages to balance romantic and social drama with a healthy mix of crazy. (Project-K 2020)

Screening Date: November 19h, 2020 (Thursday) – 18:00 pm *Available for 24 hours *


Secretly Greatly by Jang Cheol-soo – Korea | 2013 – 123 minutes

Three North Koreans are living in a poor neighbourhood near Seoul, South Korea. One of them acts a little stupid, another one would like to be a pop singer, and the other one is a high school student. All three of them have one thing in common – they are spies that pretend to live a normal life. Actually they belong to a North Korean special force called „5446 Corps“, which is under the supervision of army commander KIM Tae-won. WON Ryu-hwan is a top agent who successfully fought and won over 20.000 rivals, LEE Hae-rang ist he son of an important official and almost as good as WON, and LEE Hae-jin ist he youngest agent in the North Korean history. Initially all three thought their new life under their secret identity is boring, but after two years they adjusted to the „easy“ life. Just then they receive an order from North Korea…

Screening Date: November 24th, 2020 (Tuesday) | 18:00 pm *Available for 24 hours *


The Woman Who Ran by Hong Sang-soo – Korea | 2020 – 77 minutes

A young married woman is separated from her husband for the first time in their five years of marriage as he is currently on a business trip. She goes out to meet old friends and catches up on their health, work and love lives – seemingly shallow conversations that uncover deeper truths below the surface.

For his subtle character study of upper class Seoulites, renowned director HONG Sang-soo won the Silver Bear for Best Director at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival. With sometimes surprisingly funny situations HONG perfectly balances his slow observational style with scenes of narrative momentum.

Screening Date: November 22nd, 2020 (Sunday) | 22:00 pm *Available for 24 hours *


The World of Us by Yoon Ga-eun – Korea | 2016 – 95 minutes

An easy-going friendship grows between the two ten-year-olds Sun and Jia. Sun is happy about the chance to have a new best friend, since she is always treated like an outsider in her class. Jia is new in town and happy to have made a connection so soon in her unfamiliar surroundings. But when the new school year begins, everyday reality puts their relationship to the test.

Screening Date: November 27th, 2020 (Friday) | 18:00 pm *Available for 24 hours *


For more information about the festival and the programme please visit the official website here:

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