15th Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival – Opening Film

Binti2Binti by Frederike Migom will open the 15th Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival, which will take place from July 7th – 13th (2020) in Busan, South Korea.

About the festival:
BIKY is the one of the best festivals that has provided a venue for children and teenagers to communicate through various films from all around world. BIKY has one competition called ‘Ready~Action!’ for films directed by children and teenagers. BIKY aims to discover films by young directors and develop new contents in the relevant fields for the future.

Opening Film:


Binti by Frederike Migom – Netherlands, Belgium | 2019 – 90 minutes

12-year-old Binti dreams of becoming a famous vlogger. But when the police raid her home, and try to deport her and her dad, they are forced to flee. She meets Elias and the two become friends. While Binti helps Elias to vlog to promote ‘okapi club’, she hatches the perfect plan: her dad has to marry Elias’s mom, so they can stay in Belgium.

July 7th, 2020 | Tuesday | Haneulyon Theatre (Busan Cinema Center) | 18:00 pm
July 10th, 2020 | Friday | Buk-gu District of Busan | 10:00 am
July 11th, 2020 | Saturday | Cinema 1 (Busan Cinema Center) | 13:10 pm
July 11th, 2020 | Saturday | Media Hall (Busan Museum of Movies) | 13:30 pm



About the director:
A director, writer and actor. She set out to direct her first short film, MALAKIM in 2013. Followed by Adam & Everything (2014) and Nkosi Coiffure (2015). Frederike went on to direct a short documentary, Si-G, which screened at festivals all over the world. Binti is Frederike’s feature debut.

For more information about the festival please visit the official website: HERE

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