19th Kaohsiung Film Festival – Opening Film

It Feels So Good

It Feels So Good by Arai Haruhiko will open activities for the 19th Kaohsiung Film Festival which will take place from October 10th – 27th, in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

It Feels So Good2

It Feels So Good by Arai Haruhiko – Japan | 2019 – 115 minutes

Naoko is ten days away from getting married when she reunites with her former lover Kenji, who’s divorced and returned to their hometown of Akita, a northern city of Japan. She’d just been going through her things to get ready for her new life, and found an old photo album. The memories of the lust-filled days of their youth come flooding back to them… (KFF)

October 10th (Thursday) | Kaohsiung Main Public Library 7F | 17:20 pm
October 11th (Friday) | MLD Cinema 6 | 16:10 pm


About the director:
Born in 1947, Tokyo. He wrote many awarded screenplays, including Body and Soul (1977),which he also directed, Ooshikamura Soudouki (2011) and Backwater (2013). His other directorial works include This Country’s Sky (2015) and the latest It Feels So Good.


For more information about the programme please visit the official website of the festival: Kaohsiung Film Festival

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