3rd Sea Shorts Film Festival – 2019 Line up

seashortff2019We present the full line up of the Sea Shorts Film Festival (Malaysia) which will take place from September 25th – 29th in the historic city of Melaka.

About the festival:
SeaShorts is an annual celebration of Southeast Asian short film featuring film screenings, forums, workshops, exhibitions, and music performances by filmmakers. The event is inspired by S-Express in Southeast Asia, an exchange of short films started in the early 2000s by Yuni Hadi (Singapore), Chalida Umburungjit (Thailand), and Amir Muhammad (Malaysia).

2017 saw the inaugural edition of the Festival held in Kuala Lumpur. 118 short films were screened over four days at three cafes within the Jalan Panggung area. SeaShorts took place in Georgetown, Penang, the following year, screening 148 short films in five days. Among the names that have been members of the competition jury include Rithy Panh (Cambodia), Philip Cheah (Singapore), Pimpaka Towira (Thailand), Mira Lesmana (Indonesia), and Sharifah Amani (Malaysia).


Planetarium by Chulayarnnon Siriphol ()

Opening Film
Ten Years Thailand
– Sunset by Aditya Assarat
– Catopia by Wisit Sasanatieng
– Planetarium by Chulayarnnon Siriphol
– Song of The City by Apitchapong Weerasethakul

Closing Film
15 Malaysia
– The Son by Desmond Ng
– Potong Saga by Ho Yuhang
– Lollipop by Nam Ron
– Slovak Sling by Woo Ming Jin
– The Tree by Amir Muhammad
– Duit Kecil by Johan John
– Healthy Paranoia by Khairil M. Bahar
– Chocolate by Yasmin Ahmad
– House by Linus Chung
– Rojak! By Suleiman Brothers
– Gerhana by James Lee
– Halal by Liew Seng Tat
– One Future by Tan Chui Mui
– Meter by Benji and Bahir Yeusuff
– Lumpur by Kamal Sabran


A Million Years by Danech SAN (Cambodia)

SeaShorts Competition
New Land Broke Road by Kavich Neang (Cambodia | 2018)
Ethereal Creature by Tinnashine Mongkolmont (Thailand | 2018)
The Imminent Immanent by Carlo Francisco Manatad (Philippines | 2018)
Kingdom by Tan Wei Keong (Singapore | 2018)
The Sea Recalls by Aekaphong Saransate (Thailand | 2018)
Cold Fish by Thanh Đoàn (Vietnam | 2018)
A Million Years by Danech SAN (Cambodia | 2018)
Blessed Land by Phạm Ngọc Lân (Vietnam | 2019)
To work by Jeremy Emang Jecky (Malaysia | 2018)
The Bird That’s Not Allowed to Chirp by Andri Firmansyah (Indonesia | 2019)
Nasi Mah Bali K Rumah by Hasanul Isyraf Idris (Malaysia | 2018)
Ballad of Blood and Two White Buckets by Yosep Anggi Noen (Indonesia | 2018)
Levitating Exhibition by Ukrit Sa-nguanhai (Thailand | 2018)
The Life We Live by Loh Din-Yung (Malaysia | 2018)
Please Stop Talking by Josef Gacutan (Philippines | 2018)
Pencil by Gina Tan (Singapore | 2018)
Rest In Peace by M. Reza Fahriyansyah (Indonesia | 2018)
Qinglang de Tiankong by Thamsatid Charoenrittichai (Thailand | 2018)
Vinegar Baths by Amanda Nell Eu (Malaysia | 2018)


Vinegar Baths by Amanda Nell Eu

New New Wave Competition
Forget Me Not by Anwar Johari Ho (Malaysia | 2019)
Football by Chan Jie Min (Malaysia | 2019)
Langit Budak Biru by Lim Kean Hian (Malaysia | 2018)
Light of Memories by Sim Seow Khee (Malaysia | 2019)
Nasi Mah Bali K Rumah by Hasanul Isyraf Idris (Malaysia | 2018)
The Darkest Night by Toh Tze Wei (Malaysia | 2019)
The Life We Live by Loh Din-Yung (Malaysia | 2018)
To work by Jeremy Emang Jecky (Malaysia | 2018)
Simon and Ah Bou by Vikster Chew Chin Wai (Malaysia | 2019)
Vinegar Baths by Amanda Nell Eu (Malaysia | 2018)

S-Express Indonesia (Programmed by Fransiska Prihadi)
Insanely Infatuated With Someone At The Most Inappropriate Time by Nirartha Bas Diwangkara
Or Those Silence That Kills You and Me by Ismail Basbeth
Llop Mougn by Oktivani Anggia Rachmalitta
Muslimah by Nur Wulandari
One of Those Murder by Jerry Hadiprojo
Roti by Kiki Febriyanti
Life of Death by Jason Kiantoro, Bryan Arfiandy

S-Express Thailand (Programmed by Sanchai Chotirosseranee)
A Room with a Coconut View by Tulapop Saenjaroen
The Sea Recall by Aekaphong Saransate
Superbarbara The Beginning by Boonsri Tangtrongsin

S-Express Myanmar (Programmed by Thaiddhi)
Newspaper Bill, 500 Kyats, Stranger String_Collective Work
Seasonal Rain by Aung Phyoe

S-Express Brunei (Programmed by Nurain Abdullah)
Langkah by Aaqil Ahmad
Replay by Hashfi Farizi
A Letter From France by Hanifi Juffri
The Delivery by Liyana Hanif
Mr. Rook by Drablo Max
Alice in Wonderland Syndrome by Dk Nur Nadirah Pg Damit
Hilang by Harlif Mohamad & Farid Azlan Ghani
Hamster Wheel by Azeez Danial
Masa by Aznniel Yunos


February Wind by Mony Kann Darung

S-Express Cambodia (Programmed by Park Sungho)
The Darkness by Lim HENG
February Wind by MONY Kann Darung
Sons Of April by Robin VERET
A Million Years by Danech SAN

S-Express Singapore (Programmed by Leong Pui Yee)
My Lady M by Tingerina Liu
You Idiot by Kris Ong
Chasing Paper by Shoki Lin
A Dance for Ren Hang by Lei Yuan Bin & Sara Tan

S-Express Malaysia (Programmed by Yow Chong Lee)
Blind Mouth by Chris Leong
I Want to Go to School by Putri Purnama Sugua
Block A-2-15 by Won Jun Yap
Hidden Zone by Ng Chee Chong

S-Express Vietnam (Programmed by Marcus)
Dear Ly by Nguyen Hong Quan
Cold Fish by Thanh Doan
Surrounded by Bui Binh Duong
The Mute by Pham Thien An
First Taste by Nguyen Duy Anh

S-Express Laos (Programmed by Helene Ouvrard)
Music saves my soul by Xaisongkham Induangchanthy
Please don’t tell me how to be perfect by Sophie Vongkhamsao
Melody of change by Ka Xiong

S-Express Philippines (Programmed by Francis Oggs Cruz)
Baguio Address No. 10 by Mervine Aquino
Siyudad sa Bulawan (City of Gold) by Jarell Serencio
Aliens Ata (Maybe Aliens) by Glenn Barit
Fireflies by Robin Estargo

Special Programs
Distant Observer (Programmed by Gertjan Zuilhof)
Heaven’s Crossroad by Kimi Takesue
No’I by Aline Magrez
Hekishu by Daishi Matsunaga

What Do You See?
Gift by Okuma Katsuya
Diminishing Memories by Eng Yee Peng

On Going Life and Animation (Programmed by Koyo Yamashita)
Planted Man by SHINODA Tomohiro
Metamorphous: Mountains And Strams (Ms. Yamakawa Keiko Never Looks Back) by KUROSAKA Keita
One Phrase Theater by SAKURAI Jun × FURUKAWA Taku

For more information please visit the official website:

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