5th Seoul Webfest – Finalists 2019

The organizers of the Seoul Webfest announced the official selections for this year’s edition. The festival will take place from August 21st – 23rd in Seoul, South Korea.

About the festival:
The Seoul Webfest in is the very first web series festival in Korea & Northeast Asia and the only webfest in Asia. Each year the festival screens web series and VR360. Their goal for 2019 is to expand the festival so it can become a viable provider of quality content on an international scale. Their intention is to create a place that nurtures and cultivates upcoming creators. They invite people to a new paradigm of festival where you can take part in screenings, network parties, a red carpet gala, an award show, and a Fam tour to gain access to distributors, filmmakers, writers, producers, funding etc.

International Grand Prize (Direct Selections)
2 Aliens (Germany) from the Die Seriale
21 Roses (Denmark) from the Copenhagen Webfest
30s are the new 60s (Italy) from the Roma Webfest
Anomalie (Germany) from the Die Seriale
Blessed (Brazil) from the Rio Webfest
Comic (Italy) from the Sicily Webfest
Event Zero (Australia) from the Melbourne Webfest
La Festa Trist (Italy) from the Roma Webfest
Labeled (United States) from the New Jersey Webfest
Off Screen (Germany) from the Webfest Berlin
Tales From Pussy Willow (United Kingdom) from the London Short Series
The Adventures of Suzy Boon S2 – (New Zealand) from the NZ Webfest
The Convergence (United States) from the Miami Webfest
Zone 42 (France) from the Asia Web Awards
Vitto Wai (Spain) from the Bilbao Webfest

South Korea Official Selections:
Yoo Jun Ho – 유준호 (예능)
Akdong S1 – 악동탐정스 (코미디)
Akdong S2 – 악동탐정스2 (코미디)
Amateur – 아마추어 (코미디)
Bbang Dduck – 빵떡 (코미디)
Big Room S2 – 빅룸 시즌2 (코미디)
Busking – 버스킹 (다큐멘터리)
Number of People Story – 총몇명 스토리 (애니메이션)
Cho’s Daily Cook – 초의 데일리쿡 (예능)
Destiny – 인연 (드라마)
Dongbaek (Camellia) – 동백 (드라마)
Falling in Love Isn’t Always Like the Movies – 사랑은 영화 같지가 않더라 (드라마)
Feel It, Genie S1 – 느껴, 지니 시즌1 (코미디)
Feel It, Genie S2 – 느껴, 지니 시즌2 (코미디)
Foolish God – 당신(戇神) (드라마)
Friday the 13th – 13일의 금요일 (스릴러)
Golden Trap – 골든트랩 (서스펜스)
Horror Monday – 호러 먼데이 (호러)
Hotel Arim – 아람군 아림장 (드라마)
I Give You Your Anger – 당신의 빡침을 전해드립니다. (코미디)
Jingles – 징글스 (코미디)
Knock – 미니시트콤 (코미디)
Love As You Taste – 네 맛대로 하는 연애 (코미디)
Mr. Park’s Secret Gallery – 박회장의 그림창고 -(드라마)
My First Love – 너와 나의 거리 38만km (드라마)
My Love Friend – 사랑하는 나의 친구 (드라마)
Number Six – 넘버식스 (드라마)
Oh! Peace! – 오! 피스! (드라마)
R for Revenge (드라마)
Rumor – 소문 (스릴러)
Secret Agent – 시크릿 에이전트 (코미디)
Seeds of Happiness – 행복의 씨앗 (드라마)
Short Film – 단편선 (드라마)
Sibo’s Fifteen Magic-Circles – 시보의 열다섯개의 마법진 (애니메이션)
Spooky TV (호러)
Sub’s Adventure – 섭이는 못말려 (다큐멘터리)
Suddenly, Mood, First Love – 갑자기 분위기 첫사랑 (드라마)
The First Shot – 첫잔처럼 (드라마)
The Isle of the Dead – 죽음의 성 (액션)
The Odd Lady – 이상한 여자 (드라마)
The Snowman’s Gift – 눈사람 선물 (애니메이션)
The Way Sangju – 상주로 가는 길 (드라마)
The Worst Blind Date – 연인으로 발전하는 만가지 방법(연발만) (코미디)
Too Much S3- 너무너무너무 시즌3 ( 코미디)
TIKITIK – 티키틱 (드라마)
Traveling in Japan – 이초홍 (예능)
Unexpected Heroes – 뜻밖의 히어로즈 (서스펜스)
Vegan Vampire’s Diary – 피를 마시려고 한 것은 아니었어요 (코미디)
We Are Peaceful Brothers – 오늘도 형제는 평화롭다 (코미디)
What Happens Mire – 미래에게 생긴 일 (드라마)
What Strange World Are You From? – 넌 어느 별난 세상에서 왔니 (드라마)
Whitney’s Funny Life – 휘트니 (예능)
Who Will Be the Master of the Earth? – 도전 지구왕 (애니메이션)
Wind Bell – 풍경 (드라마)
Yeojeong’s Journey, Spring – 오 여정, 봄 (드라마)
Your Melody – 너만의 멜로디 (드라마)
Zombie Fighter – 좀비파이터 (스릴러)

International Official Selections
#NoFilter (United States)
2 Aliens (Germany)
21 Roses (Denmark)
30s are the new 60s (Italy)
A Gay Victorian Affair (Canada)
A-Live (Italy)
Abracadavers (Canada)
AFK: This World and the Next (New Zealand)
All Around You (United States)
Angst (Austria)
Anomalie (Germany)
Awkwardly (Germany)
Bad Juju (United Kingdom)
Band Nightmares (United States)
Bar “Talk It Up” (Russia)
Bastards (Germany)
Bedtime with Mathilde (Canada)
Blackout (Canada)
Blessed (Brazil)
Being Broken (Viet Nam)
Caishen: The God of Fortune (Singapore)
Caterpillars’Times S2 (Canada)
Chin Up! (South Africa)
Chubby Café (China)
Click On This Show (United States)
Collateral (France)
Comic (Italy)
Connection (Australia)
Contemporary Mating Rituals (United States)
Crystal (United States)
Dandy (United States)
Darkaber (South Korea)
Dead End (Israel)
Dear Friends (United States)
Dee-Brief (Australia)
Delete History (Australia)
Demon X (Canada)
Demonologist For Hire (United Kingdom)
Detention Adventure (Canada)
Die on the Wheels (Chile)
Don’t Judge Me (United States)
Donors (Brazil)
Dorien (Spain)
Dreaming Whilst Black (United Kingdom)
Drive (Singapore)
Einfach Maria (Germany)
Event Zero (Australia)
Every Woman is a Bit Monalisa (Brazil)
Exiliados (Canada)
Failure with no Future (France)
Fake News Writer (France)
Fast Heroes Sixty S2 (Germany)
Fem 101 (United States)
Flight 69 (France)
Forest League (Brazil)
Frank (United Kingdom)
Freelancers (Germany)
Fresh! (Australia)
From Amateur to Artist (Australia)
Furor (India)
Gay and Loathing in Bris Vegas (Australia)
Geoff and the Ninja (Canada)
Georges is Dead (Canada)
Goons Inc (Australia)
Growing Nowhere (United States)
Gut Feeling (Australia)
Here’s Ginger! (Canada)
Herrings (United States)
High Rising (Australia)
Homo Sapiens (Canada)
How to Know If You’re Dating a Narcissist (Australia)
In Bed (Russia)
Inside the Extra Studio (United States)
Italia Sicilia Gela (Italy)
Japadori (United States)
Jessica’s Tree (New Zealand)
Killa Kafe (Australia)
Klicknapped (Germany)
La Festa Triste (Italy)
La Supercafetera (Spain)
Labeled (United States)
LawLawLand (United States)
Life in the Dead Zone (New Zealand)
Life of Jess (Australia)
Life On Set (United States)
Ligeia the Vampire (Chile)
Like Me, Like a Joker (Italy)
Little Incidents (Lithuania)
Lost & Found Cowboy (Japan)
Lotte Haus (Germany / Korea)
Love Note (China)
M (Argentina)
Macbeth – King of the Favela (Brazil)
Magic of the Mermaid (Brazil)
Main Characters (Argentina)
Marias (United States)
Marked (Canada)
Melina (Italy)
Mia Morris’ Diary (Australia)
My Helpful Ghost Ancestor Roomate (United States)
NarcoLeap (Canada)
Necessary Evil (Canada)
Neem’s Themes (United States)
Neither Here Nor There (United States)
Nerdvana (Canada)
Neuroma (Canadan)
NipoBrasileiros (Brazil)
Off Screen (Germany)
Otherside (Brazil)
Otsoen Lurraldean (Spain)
Particula (Argentina)
Petrol S2 (Canada)
Playtime’s Over (United States)
Public Writers S2 (Canada)
Puntu Koma (Spain)
Queen of Hearts (Singapore)
Quick Fix (United Kingdom)
Rebecca (Brazil)
Rebecca Gold (United Kingdom)
Represent (United States)
Road Trip Spiritual (Switzerland)
Salamander: A Mystery (Canada)
Salvation Comes (Australia)
Saved By Grace (United States)
Scratch This (United States)
Second Home (Canada)
Senior Living (United States)
Shattered (Unites States)
Single Ladies (Australia)
Skeleton Crew (United States)
Sleeping Beauty and the Man in the Red Suit (Singapore)
Sobae’s Balls (South Korea)
Sound of Love S2 (Brazil)
Space Riders: Division Earth 2 (Canada)
Spike and Dadda (Australia)
Stories of Bike (Australia)
STU, My Name is Stu (United Kingdom)
Super Happy Kill Time (United Kingdom)
Superficial Intelligence (United States)
SusaneLand (United States)
Swiped to Death (United States)
Switch (United States)
Tales From Pussy Willow (United Kingdom)
Tech Bettys (United states)
Terreur 404 (Canada)
The Adventures of Suzy Boon S2 (New Zealand)
The Amazing Gayl Pile (Canada)
The Benza (Japan)
The Boogies (Canada)
The Cheat (Turkey)
The Convergence (United States)
The Drop Off (Canada)
The Grade (United Kingdom)
The Green Challenge (Germany)
The Grimoire Chapters: Rem (United States)
The Holiest One (Australia)
The Hot Mess Express (United States)
The Jersey Connection (United States)
The League of S.T.E.A.M. (United States)
The Man for Your Sins (Germany)
The Musicianer (United States)
The River Runs Red (United States)
The Spell Tutor (Canada)
The Streets Barber Stories (Australia)
The Third King (Germany)
The Tonopah Five (United States)
The Vault (Canada)
The Watercooler S2 (New Zealand)
The Well (United States)
The Worldwide Anthem (Spain)
Touch Wood (New Zealand)
Twinky Doo’s Magic World (Italy)
Unconditional Love (United States)
Underland (Brazil)
Us (Spain)
Utopia Planitia (United States)
VideoHunterS (Germany)
Vieux Jeu (Canada)
Vito Wai (Spain)
What the Frick (United Kingdom)
Whisper Naked Shadow (Czech Republic)
Wholesome Foods, I Love You…Is that Ok? (Canada)
Why Not Me NYC? (United States)
Wikipedia Pages Dramatized by Socks (Israel)
Tales4Today (France)
Yotsrim (Israel)
You’re The Pest (United States)
Young Josh (United Kingdom)
Your Life is Precious (Switzerland)
Zone 42 (France)

For more information about the series please visit the official website of the Seoul Webfest:

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