6th Wildflower Film Awards Korea – Awards 2019


We present the list of winners of the Wildflower Film Awards Korea which took place on April 12th, 2019.

Grand Prize

The RemnantsThe Remnants by Kim Il-ran, Lee Huyk-san – Korea | 2018 – 106 minutes

The Remnants profiles five persons, in fact victims of the Yongsan Tragedy, but instead prosecuted as perpetrators. They were accused as joint principal offenders just because they had been at the spot of the incident. The production group Yonbunhongchima, after its previous film Two Doors, attempts a different approach with this work, though an extension of it. Two Doors dealt with state violence through the police, whereas The Remnants tries to explore the reasons from within the community. The five interviewees’ confessional talk, mixed with remorse and self-examination, are captured subtlely by the camera. Deep trust combined with a strong outcry for truth must have opened up their hearts to this extent. The film also catches a side view of the possibility that the last seven years of dwelling on the tragic memory might be only “my own truth”. As file pictures and evidence had limitations in Two Doors, human memories are also limited, and The Remnants points out that the search for truth cannot rely on memories alone. Truth is urgent with such limitations. (KOFIC)

Best Director – Narrative Films

MicrohabitatMicrohabitat by Jeon Go-woon – Korea | 2017 – 106 minutes

Miso lives from day to day by housekeeping. Cigarettes and whiskey are the two things that get her through the day. When the government doubles the price of cigarettes, Miso decides to give up her house for cigarettes and whiskey and make a list of her friends to ask a favor to stay with. (Letterboxd)

Best Director – Documentaries

Night and Fog in ZonaNight and Fog in Zona by Jung Sung-il – Korea | 2015 – 235 minutes

Korean film critic Jeong Sung-il’s camera explores the work of Wang Bing, a Chinese director who won international fame with his film Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks. Jeong’s attempt to pry into Wang’s filmmaking secrets leads to the question: “What is film?” (KOFIC)

Best Actress

MicrohabitatEsom for her role in Microhabitat (Jeon Go-woon) – Korea | 2017 – 106 minutes

Best Actor

Last ChildSung Yu-bin for his role in Last Child (Shin Dong-seok) – Korea | 2017 – 124 minutes

A grief-stricken couple, whose son drowned saving the life of his friend, takes in the boy when they see him harassed by a group of teenagers. The father teaches him interior decorating skills and the mother gradually opens her heart. Soon the three become like family, until one day the boy makes a confession. The couple must choose how to cope with the truth that their son was not the noble sacrifice that the world knows. Director Shin underplays the emotional extremes to create a powerfully gritty tale of guilt and grief. (HKIFF Catalogue)

Best Screenplay

Last ChildShin Dong-seok for Last Child (Shin Dong-seok) – Korea | 2017 – 124 minutes

Best Cinematography

Beautiful Days

Kim Jong-sun for Beautiful Days (Jéro Yun) – Korea | 2018 – 104 minutes

A female North Korean defector leaves her ethnic Korean husband and son behind in China and flees to South Korea. 14 years later, she meets her son again. Her son holds a deep hatred for her.

Zhen Chen (Jang Dong-Yoon) lives in China. His father (Oh Gwang-Rok) is an ethnic Korean living in China. His father wants to meet his ex-wife (Lee Na-Young) before he dies. Zhen Chen travels to South Korea to meet his mother and sees her for the first time in 14 years. He is disappointed by what he finds. His mother works in a bar and lives with a scoundrel type of guy. He returns to China hurt and disappointed with his mother. Through a notebook that she gave him, Zhen Chen learns about her tragic life. (AsianWiki)

Best New Director

After my deathKim Ui-seok for After My Death – Korea | 2017 – 107 minutes

A female high school student (Jeon So-Nee) goes missing. Her body or any evidence of her disappearance cannot be found, but the girl is suspected of having jumped off a bridge to her death. One of her classmates, Young-Hee (Jeon Yeo-Bin) learns she was the last person to see her alive. The missing girl’s mother (Seo Young-Hwa) quickly throws accusations at Young-Hee. Soon, Young-Hee’s classmates, faculty and detectives question her innocence. (AsianWiki)

Dandelion Award for Notable Documentary

For Vagina’s SakeKim Bo-ram for For Vagina’s Sake – Korea | 2017 – 83 minutes

Documentary about menstruation and the social norms surrounding the topic. (IMDB)

Best New Actress or Actor

AdulthoodLee Jae-in for Adulthood (Kim Inseon) – Korea | 2018 – 92 minutes

At her dad’s funeral, Kyungun meets her uncle Jaemin, a complete stranger. He bilks her father’s insurance money. She demands her money back, but he unashamedly refuses. To get her money back, she joins his next scam (JIFF Catalogue 2018).

Best Supporting Actress or Actor

GrassKim Sae-byuk for Grass (Hong Sangsoo) – Korea | 2018 – 66 minutes

In a small Café, Min-hee Kim plays a guest who prefers to observe but not interact with the other guests herself. (IMDB)

Best Music

EyelidsChung Chae-woong for Eyelids (O Muel) – Korea | 2015 – 85 minutes

Mireuk Island is the last stop in this world for the dead before they go on their way. An old man lives on Mireuk Island. The old man makes rice cakes and they are for the dead. One day, a young teacher and two students come to Mireuk Island. (AsianWiki)

Appreciation Award
Indie Story Ltd- Gwak Yong-su

Best Producer
Je Jeong-ju from Last Child

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