Call for Entry

2nd Jeonju Cinema Project: Next Edition – Call for Projects 2020


The Jeonju Cinema Project: Next Edition will soon accept works for their next pitching program. The final project selected will receive investment and will be premiere at the 21st Jeonju International Film Festival in 2020.

The “Jeonju Cinema Project: Next Edition” launched in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Jeonju Project Market (JPM), is a project pitching program to select an international project for the Jeonju Cinema Project 2020. The final project selected will receive investment up to approx. 100 million KRW (90.000 USD), and should be world premiered at the 21st Jeonju International Film Festival in 2020.

Selection Progress:
– 5-10 projects would be selected based on the submitted documentations.
– Pre-selected projects will be announced at the end of March 2019. These projects will attend the pitching program to be held during the Jeonju Project Market.
– One Final project would be announced at the JPM Award Ceremony by the Jury Committee.

Selection Criteria
– The Project should be a new project of director/producer who has directed/produced at least one feature film.
– The Project should be for a feature film with theatrical potential (> 60 minutes).
– The Project can be in different stages of development but a complete film script should be available before the pitching.
– The Project can be funded or invested by other organizations or funding programs except other film festivals may apply. (Include the name of the organization or funding program and the total amount in the production budget).

Jeonju Cinema Project Key Terms and Conditions
– The final selected project as Jeonju Cineme Project must have their world premieres at the 21st – Jeonju International Film Festival in 2020.
The final one selected project can receive maximum budget of 100 million KRW (approximately 90,000 USD).
– Jeonju IFF shall be exclusively entitled to exercisethe film’s copyright in Korea,and directors (or producers) of selected filmshall in one country they choose.
– Under the prior agreement with Jeonju IFF, directors (or producers) of selected films can freely apply for additional funding or attract investment for filmmaking.
– Jeonju IFF has the right to request to insert a film leader, logos or names in the beginning and at the end credits of the film, but shall never interfere with any editing except for the subjects listed above.

Submission Period: December 20th, 2018 – February 1st, 2019

Required Documentations
– Application Form: Soon to be uploaded
– Additional Documentation: Synopsis or a brief treatment (max. 2 pages). Film Script. Director’s Statement & Filmography. Production Schedule. Production Budget.

Submit all the required documentations of the project to the following email: market(at)

We recommend reading the full version of the Rules and Regulations here:

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