BAFICI 2018 – Asian Winners


We present the Asian films that got awards at the latest Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema (BAFICI).

The 20th BAFICI took place from April 11th – 22nd, 2018 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. As we published some weeks ago the organizers brought many interesting Asian films this year. We can mention “An Elephant Sitting Still” by Hu Bo (China), “Season of the Devil” by Lav Diaz (Philippines), “The Great Buddha” by Hsin-Yao Huang (Taiwan), “The Seen and the Unseen” by Kamila Andini (Indonesia), to many a few.

International Competition
1st Mention

A Tiger in WinterA Tiger in Winter by Lee Kwang-Kuk – South Korea | 2017 – 107 min.

The same day a tiger flees from the zoo, a man finds out his girlfriend has abandoned him and left the city. In the need for comfort, he will resort to an old friend and lover, sad as well. Delicate and absurd at times, a dramedy where disappointment and hope go hand and hand. (2018 BAFICI Catalogue)


Best Original Music

Village RockstarsNilotpal Borah for Village Rockstars by Rima Das – India | 2017 – 87 min.

In a remote village in India, a wish, that of little Dhunu and her friends, nests: forming a rock band. In order to do so they need an electric guitar, and getting it takes time, work and determination. While they dream about it, life goes on, with its deprivations and its small pleasures. (2018 BAFICI Catalogue)


Special Jury Prize

Violence VoyagerViolence Voyager by Ujicha – Japan | 2018 – 84 min.

After an end-of-the-year ceremony at school, Bobby decides to go to the mountains with his friend Akkun. On their way, they stop at a mysterious amusement park, where strange attacks do not take long to appear. Soul, heart and cardboard guts for this beautiful animated delirium from Japan. (2018 BAFICI Catalogue)

Avant-Garde & Genre Official Competition
Best Feature Film

The Seen and UnseenThe Seen and Unseen by Kamila Andini – Indonesia

Indonesia’s natural landscape becomes a magic universe and the visual and poetic power of dreams materializes with extraordinary energy in a voyage through the mind of Tantri. A ten-year-old girl who creates a refugee of fantasy for herself in the face of the impending death of her twin brother, Tantra.


Non Official Prizes

Village RockstarsVillage Rockstars by Rima Das – India | 2017 – 87 min.

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