Asian Pacific LGBTQ short films present at the Mardi Gras Film Festival 2017


We present the six LGBTQ short films that the 24th Mardi Gras Film Festival (Sydney, Australia) will screen at their special section called “Asia Pacific Queer Film Festival Alliance Shorts”.

Queer Screen, organizers of the 24th Mardi Gras Film Festival have an alliance with seventeen queer film festivals throughout the Asian Pacific. This special section aims to showcase the best productions form the region. The screening of the six short films will take place on Sunday 26th February at Event Cinemas George Street at 1:00 pm so be sure not to miss them.



Any Other Day by Vikrant Dhote and Srikant Ananthakrishnan – India | 2016 – 12 min.

Where are we to turn when the ones sworn to protect us are the ones against whom we must be protected?

It was just another day for Kabir and Arnav. But their lives take a turn for the worse when two cops decide to make a spectacle of them. As the night unfolds, help comes from an unlikely source who goes on to unmask the hypocrisy of our society.

Courtesy of KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival (Partner of AFF)



Heart Station by Tao Jia – China, Australia | 2016 – 17 min.

A coming-of-age drama about a young gay male’s infatuation for a straight man in his three month HIV window period.



Hide and Seek (Chuppan Chupai) by Saadat Munir and Saad Khan
Pakistan, Denmark | 2016 – 21 min.

The film shows the secret, yet open lives of a group of Pakistani sexual minorities, raising questions about transgender activism, religion, underground gay life, social acceptance and collective familial customs of transgender people in urban Pakistan.



Mate by Liou Ai-chu – Taiwan | 2016 – 4 min.

In a mysterious country, God makes couples by binding a man and a woman with a thread. However, Wendy and Elly fell in love with each other, but Wendy was forced to give up her true love by God’s opposition. One’s love is the most precious in the other’s heart.



The Right Bank by Yvonne Li – China | 2016 – 12 min.

Ann is a Chinese girl grown up in LA. She lives with her mother Lily as her parents are divorced. Ann is a lesbian but Lily doesn’t know it. One day when Ann is attending a fake date with a guy forced by Lily, she is unfortunately caught on site by her real girlfriend Jill. Jill gets very mad and they have a fight. Later on, Lily becomes an increasing obstacle between their relationship. Ann tries to come out to her conservative mother in order to keep the relationship with Jill. How will Lily take this? How will Ann deal with the dilemma between her mother and her girlfriend?



The Threshold (Daaravtha) by Nishant Roy Bombarde – India | 2016 – 30 min.

An adolescent Pankaj is discovering his sexuality. Torn between a patriarchal Indian upbringing full of gender-stereotypes and his natural urge to identify with the opposite gender, he finds an opportunity to express his desires within the bounds of cultural ethos.

Courtesy of KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival (Partner of AFF)



This section is presented with the collaboration of: ACON Asian Gay Men’s Project

We remind readers that the 24th Mardi Gras Film Festival takes place from February 15th – March 2nd in Sydney Australia. If you are interested in this festival here are 15 Films you cannot miss at the Mardi Gras Film Festival 2017.

To know more about this festival please go to the Festival Profile or to the Official Website.

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