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15 Short Films you cannot miss at the Sapporo Short Fest 2016


We present a list of 15 Short Films you cannot miss at the 11th Sapporo International Short Film Festival that is taking place from October 10th – 16th in Sapporo, Japan.


10 Minutes by Masahiko Nagasawa – Japan | 2016 – 29:50 min.
National Programme

A small internet radio station that two high school girls started causes small miracle.



Balcony by Toby Fell-Holden – United Kingdom | 2015 – 17 min.
International Programme

In a neighborhood rife with racial tension, a local girl falls for a recent immigrant who is the victim of prejudice and shame.



Besieged by Siqi Pan – China | 2015 – 21:08 min.
International Programme

Items in deliver box will appear in the deliveryman’s room before its recipient opens it. Deliveryman applies a magical phenomenon to secure his own love in an extreme way.


Bunga Sayang by Royston Tan – Singapore | 2015 – 13:19 min.
International Programme

Set in modern day Singapore in a HDB block, Royston’s film Bunga Sayang shows exactly how Singaporeans communicate in a multi-racial society.


Call for Justice by Steffi Koh – Singapore | 2015 – 13:03 min.
Asian Typhoon 11

In the aftermath of almost five decades of military dictatorship, artists and musicians lead in community projects to fill the cracks of Myanmar society, taking their desire for justice beyond th…


Grandfather and boy A by Sato Shin – Japan | 2016 – 13 min.
Japan Off Theatre

Story of grandfather who a boy commits suicide at a certain junior high school, and investigates the cause.


Leeches by Payal Sethi – India | 2015 – 27 min.
International Programme

In the chaotic ‘old city’ of Hyderabad, 18-year-old Raisa hatches a dangerous and improbable plan to save her younger sister from becoming a one-day bride.



Little Shimajiro by Isamu Hirabayashi – Japan | 2015 – 8:40 min.
Family & Children

Shimajiro is a little tiger boy living in a quiet forest. And in the process, he learns what kindness is, and how even he has the potential for kindness inside of him.


Magic to manipulate love by Inoue Hiroki – Japan | 2016 – 25:24 min.
Japan Off Theatre

The youth story that two high school girls are going to let love go well using hypnotism to favorite boys.


Marshland by Michito Tana – Japan | 2015 – 2:34 min.
Hokkaido Selection



Missing by Khin Myanmar – Myanmar | 2015 – 18:57 min.
International Programme

Five-year-old Pan Nu loves both her mum and her older sister but it is her dad who really has a special place in her heart. One day she wakes up to discover he has disappeared. Mum says he has gone on a business trip abroad but if so, why has he left behind hisglasses and fountain pen? Pan Nu deeply misses her father and becomes convinced her mother and sister are keeping something from her. Then a spiteful friend reveals the shocking truth. Based on true events in the screenwriter’s own family when her father was taken as a political prisoner, Missing is one of the first fiction films in Myanmar to address the wrongs of the previous military dictatorship and show its effect not only on individual activists but also on their families.


The Lasting Persimmon by Kei Chikaura – Japan | 2015 – 15 min.
National Programme

Risaki is coming back home to her wintery countryside which is 400 km away from Tokyo. There is seemingly unchanging snowy life of her beloved family.



The Sniper of Kobani by Reber Dosky – Netherlands | 2015 – 12:08 min.
International Programme

A portrait of Haron, a Kurdish fighter who came to the Syrian town of Kobani to end the IS occupation.



Vita Lakamaya by Akihito Izuhara – Japan | 2015 – 7:30 min.
National Programme

In the woods, every creature is sleeping. Listen carefully to their quiet breathing. It’s the sounds of this innocent world that called “Vita lakamaya”….



Zero by David Victori – Spain | 2015 – 29:09 min.
International Programme

Father and son are emotionally and physically separate the day that Earth loses gravity intermittently.


To know more about this festival visit the FESTIVAL PROFILE or go to the official webpage of the festival HERE.

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