Film Festival

DMZ Korean International Documentary Film Festival 2016 – Opening Film


This year the 8th DMZ Korean International Documentary Film Festival will start their activities with the screening of One Warm Spring Day by Jeong Su-eun. The event will take place on September 22th (19:00 pm) at the Camp Greaves Gym in Paju DMZ. We remind readers that the festival will be held from September 22nd – 29th, 2016.


One Warm Spring Day by Jeong Su-eun – South Korea | 2016 – 83 min. – World Premiere

Born to a paternal grandfather having been a South Korean soldier and a maternal grandfather a North Korean soldier in the Korean War, I live in the south of the Korean Peninsula which is still strictly divided. One warm spring day, I witnessed the death of my maternal grandfather. His death continues to pose a painful question to me even now as an adult. ‘Why did my grandfather make such choice that day?’ I start to chase his days of life in order to answer the question. I take a journey along the ground that he had walked on, to understand the grandfather’s death and the history of tragedy with a heavy heart.

Director’s Statement
“The history of my two grandfathers comes to me about telling the sadness of Korean history. And I read the Korean history of tragedy from my grandfather’s history. The story which began from the question of the grandfather’s death is not only the history of grandfathers but also the journey that I want to understand the Korean history painfully.”


jeong-sueunJeong Su-eun

Zobeide (2013)
Hidden Pictures (2012)




To know more about the festival you can see the FESTIVAL PROFILE or visit the official website for more information HERE.

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