Film Festival

21st Busan International Film Festival – Poster Presentation 2016


The Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) presented the official poster for this year.


This year’s Busan International Film Festival official poster portrays lonesome Korean red pine stoutly standing on mountain rocks. Korean red pine is well known tree for taking its roots deep in the ground and survive through any kind of harsh environment like drought, heat wave, cold wave, and heavy snow. This year’s poster reflects Busan International Film Festival’s persistence and solidity over the last twenty years and the festival’s strong will to continue on for the future like a long lasting Korean red pine.

The poster was designed by Propaganda a designing studio professionally in films, broadcasting, performances, and other forms of entertainments. Dedication in film widened their spectrum in posters for both domestic and foreign commercial films as well as independent films. Their most well-known posters are Train to Busan, 4th Place, The King of Jokgu, Haemoo, Pieta, New World, Old Partner, and Dream.

We want to remind readers that the BIFF will be held from October 6th – 15th, 2016. The Asian Film Market will take place from October 8th – 11th and the Asian Project Market from October 9th-11th.

For more information about the BIFF you can visit the Festival Profile or visit their Official Website HERE.

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