Koji Fukada’s Sayonara awarded at the FilMadrid International Film Festival 2016


The Japanese director who won the Un Certain Regard Prize at the Cannes 2016, receive another award for his film Sayônara. The film won the “Days of Cinema Award” at the FilMadrid International Film Festival 2016 that took place from June 2nd – 11th in the city of Madrid (Spain).

About the film:


Sayônara by Koji Fukada – Japan | 2015 – 112 min.

Japan is being devastated by bombs. Its citizens are trying to leave the country, but the refugee quota is limited. Like many others a woman from South Africa finds herself isolated in the countryside, waiting her turn to emigrate. Her only companion is an android that has developed knowledge and human emotions.

The civilization that presents Sayonara is disintegrating and gradually extinguishing. People automate their feelings and robots humanize their reactions. As in the best cinema devoted to the dystopia, Koji Fukada faces current, urgent issues, also speculating on an apocalyptic future to investigate the emotional frailties of human beings.

Trailer (Will open in another window | No English translation)

thumb_1593_film_director_640x603About the director:
Koji Fukada, born in 1980, is a Japanese filmmaker with a special taste for the French cinema. His first film was The Chair (2004), followed by Human Comedy in Tokyo (2009) and the award winning Hospitalité (2010). He receive the Un Certain Regard Prize at the Cannes 2016 for his latest film Fuchi ni tatsu (Harmonium). Koji Fukada is part of the Seinendan Theatre Group.

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